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Week 6 over thank God!

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Just got back from my 25 minute run on a new route, I didn't want any reminder markers letting me know how far I had to go.

I'm not going to lie, that was tough and several times I thought of stopping, thankfully Laura didn't pipe up until I had reached half way 12.5mins, I think if she'd notified me at 10 minutes I may have stopped and repeated day 2, then I thought omg Laura when have I got 5 minutes left? Surely any second you are going to tell me...... "well done 60 seconds left" what? Oh thank you thank you.... I didn't have much left in the tank. That was all cardiovascular, the legs were fine. And check out the split times, I actually got faster.

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Well done Paul, I need to cut down on my vape stick to get more air in too. Keep it up.

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Paul46-ipswichGraduate in reply to Mad-Mitch

Mitch, my son is a serious Vaper, I'd rather he did that than smoke so can't complain but I do wonder what's going on in his lungs at times, sometimes our house is like an opium den and you can't see more than 10ft. He's is on week 5 and I've heard him say to his mum he thinks he may have asthma, well he hasn't as I've lots of friends who have. I'm sure it's the Vape, I'd be interested in your opinion.

I hope your running is going well.

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islandrunnerGraduate in reply to Paul46-ipswich

I'll butt in. I stopped smoking 2 years ago come April, and have been vaping ever since. Previously smoked for about 30 years (crikey that makes me feel old).

Not had any problems with running. Started C25K Feb 2015. I now run 5-6 times a week. Ran 10 miles on New Years day. Lungs good ! I vape quite a lot too (used to smoke 20+ a day), but not quite as bad as you are describing.

Not really enough evidence yet on vaping I suppose, but they reckon it's 95% better than smoking.

The typical main components in vaping liquids are

Nicotine - on it's own not generally harmful. hence nicorette etc products.

PG (Propylene glycol) - used in asthma inhalers since 1950's and other atomizing medicines. Usually around 80% of a typical vape liquid.

VG (Vegetable Glycerine) - used a lot in food stuffs and medicines. Not typically inhaled.

Flavourings. - Various. Not typically inhaled I'd guess !

Hope that helps.

Edit. Oh, and well done on your runs !

The end of week 6 is a brilliant feeling. The last 3 weeks are just more of the same and you know you can do it now. I like your idea of running a new route to prevent those mind games beating you.

All the best

If you got faster, that means you could do MORE. Ha ha bet you don't fancy it right now though.

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Paul46-ipswichGraduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

You're kidding right? Believe me even a nude Cheryl Cole beckoning me on couldn't have made me do another minute lol

Wow negative splits ! No wonder you were feeling it....you were just going faster and faster. Very well done.

Hen pen that's panic for ya! I just wanted to get to the end!

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