Wk1 Run 2 harder than the first!

Just completed my second run and I found it so much harder than the first outing! My muscles weren't aching before I started but they seemed to tire much more quickly this time? I also felt it in my abs. I didn't even realise your abs did any work when running!! Yes I'm a total exercise newbie ๐Ÿ˜„

Anyway I did manage the whole session and feel really pleased with myself but I can't imagine being able to increase my run time next week.


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  • You get bad runs and good runs, it's not always predictable. It's quite possible you'll find the next one easy, but if not then just slow down. Don't worry about the runs to come, by the time you get there you'll be ready, or if not then just repeat weeks and days as you feel necessary.

    A mile is a mile however you cover it and every one helps.

  • Well done ! Youre well on your way now !

    Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • It seems impossible as you look from week to week but it can be done. I was a non runner and managed to graduate by following the programme, it does get more possible as u go along. Make sure you rest and run slowly, focus on your breathing being slow and relaxed. It is a fantastic programme, trust Laura

  • You got out again, well done. You just need to look around this forum to see how people felt week by week because it seem incredible when you set out that you can keep on increasing the running time. You just need to trust the programme. Of course you can repeat weeks but the programme does allow the gradual build up.

  • Take one run at a time and don't try to project too far forward. Joolie B is right when she says that the progression is awesome, and none of us would have imagined ever becoming runners when we started out. So each time you finish a run, tap yourself on the back, wave your imaginary pompoms, and before you know it you'll be pinching yourself to believe you've graduated.

  • I remember being confused as to why my (non-existent) abs were sore - I was exactly like you too - a complete newbie - there is a cure for it all - more running! :) I do agree with Sara though - go as slow as you need to at this stage, it is not about speed at this point in the program - just about completing it - if it helps, my face was always still purple half an hour after I had finished - but it does get better I promise. The point is you did it and should be very proud of yourself. Well done and keep up the good work.

  • Well done you for Wk1 R2, that's just where I'm at. Also complete newbie at this running malarky, so I can't give expert advice. My second run felt a bit easier, I reckon cus I knew how far it was before I was back at the car this time! And also cus I'd done what everyone suggested which was to slow down. And although the run felt less arduous, I can feel myself seizing up more this time round. I guess each one will be different. Hang in there, we can do it! :-)

  • Thank you. How have you been getting on?

  • Ask me tomorrow! Wk 2 r1 in the morn. R3 was OK though it was the first timeline had an urge to stop during one if the running minutes, but didn't. And my left calf/achilles hurt, but I'm def not as stiff between running days. Felt rather good having nailed Wk 1, more than I managed last year! Having the weekend off was fab! What about you?

  • Don't look too far ahead. Just focus on that day's run, or even just a section of the run, I talk to myself, just one minute more, you can do that, you've done it before etc etc. Even after graduating I still break it down into 5 minute sections.

    And don't forget to stretch, then stretch some more

  • Hi there and well done on starting this great adventure. Try doing some stretches before you head out on your run. While your body might not need them all, on a cold day it does help to get a little bit of muscle movement before you head out. The ones I use are as from youtube and you can follow along with them.

    Good luck with the running.

  • Thanks x

  • So here is an update for you. I have a lot of problems with my hamstrings, and especially doing the sit and reach test, so for the past year I have based on information that I have been given doing my warm up stretches prior to my run. Back in October I started in a gym and continued to do the same. My first sit and reach I could not even touch the bar. My trainer was good, but not a running (a lot of weight training for him), and recommended the pre-running stretch and a bit of BodyBalance to help too, but last week my trainer was changed and I now have a running trainer. He told me that doing a lot of the pre-run stretching was ok to warm up, but basically useless. He said to do them all AFTER the run. Your muscles are actually warm and better to move than before hand when they are cold and could potentially get damaged. The best pre-run exercise is a 5 minute walk (and Laura does this in our C25K plan) so he recommended that instead. Just thought I would share.

  • invest in a foam roller and use it before and after your runs


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