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Shiny Happy Warrior💪

This evening I thought I'd run naked .... No, not that sort of naked ...would get first run without lovely Laura, no headphones, no music, no encouraging words, no timings, just me, in my own rhythm. Also, have consistently run just over 5k each run over the last two weeks since graduation, so decided to go further, maybe to 6k. So off I went; it felt odd without the voice in my ear, like riding a bike without stabilisers. Soon got into a good rhythm, as ever the first ten minutes or so seem to be the hardest, after that it settled down and soon I was bowling along, happy, enjoying the moment, one foot in front of the other; passing all my usual landmarks no problems. I got to the 5k mark and just kept on going - totally in the zone. Stopped running about 5 minutes from home to get in the warm down walk. Feel brilliant! Looked at my route on mapometer and its just over 6.5k ! I am no weedy couch slob - I am a WARRIOR! Onwards to 10k, my goal for January! 💪💪💪💪

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Well done. Take care now as it's getting to that phase where you want to push on, which is completely understandable. Your running legs have to keep pace with your enthusiasm though, so go carefully. Progress gradually, the last thing you need is to get hurt. Be sure to do some other exercise to make sure you're getting stronger all over, not just your legs

Have fun!


Fantastic. That must feel amazing! I've never run on my own without music/podcast. The music gives me so much motivation that I just can't imagine it!!! But maybe I'll take the plunge and do it soon too!


give it a go... It does make the experience different. Having relied on Laura for her ncouragement wise words and music to get me going I thought I'd see what it was like on my own. I can hear my feet hitting the ground, the traffic, the sound of the wind in the leaves, my own breathing and puffing. I felt like I was in my own rhythm and was humming bits of other songs in my head -I think that I'll do this for 1 of my 3 weekly runs (untimed to make it more relaxing) and hype up the other two with audio fuel to maybe pick up the pace a little. Having said that, no way could I have done the C25k programme without Laura !!!!! I will always remember those words : 'you can do's only 60 seconds....' !


That is great. I love running with no interruptions, can enjoy the scenery and chill out, makes a lovely change. Great distance, careful though, don't push too fast and soon. I graduated 12 weeks ago now and usually run 6k nowadadays, edging upwards, furthest ever 7.5k on a good day but my legs told me off afterwards so easing off a little to recover. That's what I say now but see how I go on Monday.

Finding grass is way too muddy, so having to go on the paths unless I find a gravel track that is firm but once spring comes, back on the grass! Where do u run? Julie


I've only run on paths and pavements so far, and mainly level ones at that! i don't think I'd like running on muddy grass (spoil my fancy running shoes wot cost ££££££) so saving that for warmer weather ☀️ I take on board comments re trying to push on too fast - it's hard to resist when it's all going so well....6.5 k seemed fine, my plan is to do 2x 5k a week and then one a bit longer.. I really would like to think I could conquer 10k - took 7 weeks to go from couch slob to 5k so I'm thinking maybe another 7 or 8 weeks? Or is that too ambitious??


I think you will be able to tell when you can increase run times and when you need to pull back. As long as you are careful, should be good, not sure what time you could do it in. For myself, took me several weeks to say 5k was reasonable enough to try a .5 increase, then I felt able to go to 6k but I am feeling doing more might be a stretch right now. I finished 12 weeks ago - I couldn't have gone from 5-10 in that time but maybe u r fitter than me?


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