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Week 5 success (happy happy)

My friend and I started 5 weeks ago the couch to 5k app. I have always wanted to run but never got round to it........anyway I certainly do not look like the typical runner as very overweight and look it. However I go out with my headphones on and Laura talks while I put in the hard work. I was dreading running for 3 minutes and achieved that, then it was 5 minutes also achieved that. 8 minutes was tough and I had to use my mental capacity to get through as 20 minutes was next. However I went in the mental attitude that if I got past 8 minutes I had run/jogged further than ever before. I clapped and celebrated at every 5 minute achieved when Laura told me the time had passed. The first minute was the worse if I am honest as every reason why I could not do it went through my head so I left them behind on the pavement.....ten minutes to twenty minutes was the best as I found my pace and knew I was on the way home too!!! Looking forward to next week and feel I can do this but I could o lay do because I ran at my own pace and not too fast. 2.2k covered which is not the greatest distance but better than 0k 6 weeks ago. Oh and music helps too as I worked out it was 6 songs to listen to so counted the songs down rather than minutes.

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Well done on completing week 5. Just returned from week 5 run 2 and despite my doubts I did it with a couple of stops - literally for a second or two when my legs felt like they could take no more. I honestly think I got into it towards the end and could have carried on so perhaps 20 won't be so bad??

Still in awe of self and telling anyone that will listen how great this programme is. Keep it up ! 😆


It is good when you get the pace going but remembering it is not a race and just got to achieve the time. Keep going you will be fine.


Fantastic, well done


Well done!! The 20 minuter is a bit daunting, but I think most of us underestimate just what we can do after such a short amount of time during this training program. Well done again and good luck for week 6!!


Lovely post! I especially like the bit where you say you left all the reasons 'not to do it' behind on the pavement! Brilliant.


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