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WK7R3 completed. Am I happy or sad ?

On Wednesday and I ran additional 3 minutes to get a sneaky 28 minute run in prior to WK8.

It was the first run where I monitored the distance and I managed 4.43km

Today I got a bit ahead of myself and thought if I run a bit quicker and manage another 28 minute run today I might get to 5K ??

Well it didn't go quite to plan. I must have run at a bit of a quicker pace as I was totally knackered after 25 minutes and stopped running and did the 5 minute warm down walk etc.

But I did manage 4.42km

So that's nearly the same distance (bar 10m) but 3 minutes quicker.

I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. sad that I didn't make it to 5K or happy that I ran the same distance as Wednesday but 3 minutes quicker

Overall I'm happy to know that I can run a bit quicker and in time the fitness will get better and allow me to run a bit quicker for longer.

2 days off now before W8 starts

Here is a question for anyone. I have followed the C25K program now for 7weeks and I always run in the morning. In fact I get up get changed and drink no food just get up and go. I've never had cramps or the stitch etc

I was wondering, if I had breakfast first then left it 30 minutes or so, would I get any benefit.

I prefer the get up and go method because then its all over before the day has started and that kind of suits me,

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I'm also a get up and go person. I've noticed though that I'm faster if I run during the day (mainly weekends). It's always been like that. Maybe I'm fitter at weekends (more sleep) or I run better if I've eaten something.

Whatever it is I'm still a get up and go person and will be continuing like that. There's no way I'm coming home from work at some awful time and then going for a run. It might happen now and then but not on a regular basis. Better slow than not at all!

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I like to get up and go, I do always have some juice before going but not food and it is a treat to have breakfast when I get home. I don't get stitch either. When I have run after a meal, I leave it an hour and still had no ill effects. I am surprised at the distance and speed you are covering, impressive! However, maybe be a little careful because I have learnt to my cost that pushing very hard can result in injury - and that means no running at all!

I focus on my distances and I am happy with anything around 8 mins per km but last week, without trying, noted I am running faster at just over 6 mins per km. I graduated 25 weeks ago and when I graduated, I was covering 5k in 43 minutes. So I guess I am saying I have found speed rises naturally in the fullness of time and when I have tried to force myself to do more than is comfortable, my legs have told me off big time! Maybe u r super fit already and you are in a stride but be careful!! Julie


Slow and steady is my mantra...always run first thing.. often the best bit of the day..supposedly. And... it does set me up for the challenges of a new day!

I have always run about an hour after a cup of tea and two digestive biscuits.. no problems at all...

I never really think about distance or time now I have graduated... but was running 5K in 30 mins in my graduation week. Now, I just enjoy myself with no pressure! I've probably slowed down now...duh...:)

Go you anyway...!!!

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Speedy Oldfloss as well😈 I think I'm going to be more like Joolie and need to really build up to 5 k in 30 mins!

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Sadly I don't have the luxury of a morning run - kids to see to and work to get to before silly oclock. So for me it's always after work and until recent days in the dark too. Figure if I can do this in cold and dark after a day at work I can achieve anything!

I always get home and go straight outo to get it out of the way before tea, usually have a quick cuppa with my hubby first.


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