I had to laugh at myself this morning

I realised I run like I live my life. Massive bouts of speedy running around at light speed and then a rest with a cuppa. I am on one of my cuppa breaks now and it just popped into my mind that's exactly how I run. Intervals of speed until I can't run anymore with slower periods to recover. I have tried different ways of running but this is what suits me best. I suppose your personality comes through when you run.

What's your running personality?


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  • I tend to be not like me when I run. I become someone else. Devil may care I'd say.

  • A bit more energetic than I am inclined to be in normal life - but equally determined!

  • Steady and disciplined, although I think that's been slipping a bit in normal life recently.

  • My running personality? What a cool question! I am a bit stubborn, so I run on my own mostly and I run where and when I want to - if it is raining, I will wait for good weather and then go! Fun, love sloshing in the mud, dodging puddles and running in the woods, makes me giggle when I get my shoes dirty, never allowed to get messy as a child. Caring about others, I love to encourage other runners through the Forum, and when I go to parkrun, so much enjoy helping anyone who might be feeling lonely or feeling the run is hard. Julie

  • Er, plodding on I think... I know this is true because a very dear friend I'd not seen for a long time asked me what I was doing with myself "Just plodding on and keeping going like you always do"

    Oh and enjoying the view and never sticking to quite the same route!

  • Great question RFC. I think running is a great metaphor for life and I think about it a lot when out there. I am focused and determined but mad, I like variety and when things get tough keep on going! Running has taught me that.

  • This is a great question. I realised this summer that I loathe running on straight paths. I don't like to see too far ahead. I also realised that I like to choose my route, not to run routes that others have set.

    In my life, I'm always griping at my poor husband that I want to know what is coming, what to expect. I want things to be more predictable. I suspect that I really just want control ;-).

  • I decide what I'm going to do, I.E. distance or speed or what have you, then just stick at it until I've finished. I'd describe myself as a plodder, built for comfort not speed, but I have buckets of stamina....

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