A new outdoors 5k PB - at last!

A new outdoors 5k PB - at last!

It's only taken 5 months, a serious amount of interval training on the treadmill - variety of different sessions (see my recent "heart rate" posts) - , the odd outdoor 8k (45 min) a single outdoors 10k (55 mins - woo hoo!) and then a whole load more of interval sessions on the treadmill, but I've finally broken the 24 minute barrier!

Get in!

I did this yesterday lunchtime around Port Sunlight village here on the Wirral - it's a 2-lap course, virtually no cars to dodge and I decided that the weather was simply too good an opportunity to miss to try for a a PB. 13°C on December 2nd? Have it! :-)

And I am knackered today, no stiffness, but physically tired. Anyway, onwards! Sub 23? I'm coming after you buddy!


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  • Fantastic!

    What a great run - and a great pay-off for all that hard work. You didn't just break 24 mins - you smashed it!

    Those intervals really make a difference don't they! That's 7:35 min/mile by my rough calculation, which is a great pace.

    Not surprised you are feeling tired after that.

    Great stuff.


  • Thanks Ugi. Yeah, I'm pretty chuffed. It was something of a spontaneous decision to do the run yesterday - ordinarily would have been another treadmill session in the morning, but the weather and the fact I hadn't tried for a PB since September made up my mind.

    Yes, the interval training really helps. Looking at my stats, it's the increased ability to sustain a high heart rate that's helped.



  • Congratulations!!. Put your feet up and enjoy the feeling.

  • Thanks AR :-)

    Taking it very easy today and may even "rest" until Monday.

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