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Another outdoor 5k PB today :-)

That interval training continues to do its magic :-)

Based on Laura's C25k+ "Speed" podcast, I'm doing sessions of 7-8 reps of

- 1 minute @ 9.5 km/h (recovery)

- 1 minute @ 13-15km/h (normally start at 13, then go to 14 a few times then finish with 4 or 5 at 15)

On a treadmill, but then I go outdoors for my 2 lap run around beautiful Port Sunlight village once a week :-)

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you are rocking John :D or should we call you "road runner" now sub 25mins boy that is quick !!

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Hey Rob - thank you! I'm delighted with how things are going so far. And my resting heart rate was 45 bpm this morning! eeek.

So, how "Slow" actually are you? ;-)


At the moment very slow. On the road back from injury. My pb was 28.34 before cruelly stopped in my tracks by a pesky knee. . Was doing intervals and hill reps and a longer run. I think I over did it abit lol

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As we both know, 28:34 is not slow! Knee problems are horrible aren't they? I had dodgy knees for 25 years since my early 20s, but turns out it was due to alignment issues. Thanks to my physio and her podiatrist, my custom-made orthotics have changed my life to some degree!

Me & best mate in our late teens, used to run our route of 4.3km in just under 17 mins (15.4 km/h, 6.3 min/mile) - that's my current goal, to get down that sort of time :-)


Kind of a simular issue for me. Patella tracking off combination of a pinned and plated ankle. Old I jury. And imbalance on muscle strength in quads. Had a great physio and exercises which I religously do now.

Slowly getting back .

Good luck with your quest that would be an awesome time

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Hi John, love your watch! :D I have it in silver but would never have thought to use it for running! Retro :D

Great results too, what brilliant progress you are making! :) Well done!

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Thanks spiky :-) Can I have a pint too? (love your photo).

Yeah - the watch. It's 15 ish years old and probably the 3rd or 4th F-91W I've had. Since starting to run outdoors in April, I've pulled it out of a bedside drawer and it's doing me great :-)

Here's the thing though - it's a good job I'm only 5k, cos I'm having to commit my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, km split times to memory and note them down a bit later!

Where are you up to distance wise?


Brill! Good for overall time though!

I do have a Garmin but it's currently gathering dust as I'm out of action at the moment. I went hell for leather at a 10k race in May with shin splints, not clever! So currently doing 0k regularly :p


Shin splints? Oww! :-(

You take it easy now.

Watch-wise, I'm very tempted by the TomTom Cardio with built-in heart-rate monitor:



I am taking it easy don't worry (and going crackers with it!)

The TomTom watches are very good. I tried a few different types on before I got mine at Christmas. I remember the TomTom one had a vibrating alert function which was cool, and quite easy to use the controls while you're wearing it.

It all depends what you want to use it for. In the end I opted for Garmin for the online Garmin Connect feature where you can connect up to other Garmin users and comment on each others runs and things.

^ Those reviews are very good aren't they? I think he's covered most watches that there are (except for maybe the Casio!) ;) :D


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