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W9r3 - I don't want to do it!

Don't get me wrong, I know it's good for me, but I'm wondering what will come next? The amazing Mr Ramblings is off for his marathon run today in what look like horrid conditions and here I am stressing about a little half hour run. Poppy's actually under the bedclothes with her big eyes peering at the rain and wind lashing against the window.

I went in the wii fit yesterday and it confirmed that I'm wii fat. I'm doing something wrong, is there a c25k version of weight loss? Laura's been fantastic and I'll miss that weekly challenge, I know I can do the runs again but I need to give myself a real good talking to so I can keep motivated and planning in advance to set targets helps. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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I am also wii fat and it has the cheek to balloon the wii me up in size. I left the horrid thing with the Ex, they deserved each other.

I'm just hanging on to 5k as a target at the moment, although not looking good for running today as the weather is really awful - but feeling guilty as clearly Mr Ramblings is out


Ahh yes, 5k. I'm still around the 3.1k mark. Need to look for some nice music to add to the mp3, needs to be cheerful, uplifting stuff - about 90mins worth should get me to 5k (will need a chocolate stop and probably a wee stop too!)


What are you talking about Beckipeg? You won't miss the weekly challenge because the chalenges don't go away they just get tougher! You just have to move onto a different plan with new challenges, maybe building up your distance first so that 5k is your aim.

I don't think I would do my graduation run in this horrid weather, but don't feel guilty if you choose not to go out today. It's YOUR graduation so it's up to you when you choose to run!

Why don't you get a pen and paper and devise your own running plan for the next 4 weeks, after graduating? Think about what you want to achieve, and create three runs a week which vary; i.e. a gentle 30 minute run, some intervals using podcast one and then a longer one adding 10% more time each week to try to slowly build up to 5k

.Also, don't forget that there are new podcasts coming out soon :)

About weight loss. My weight loss came AFTER graduation mainly, probably because you run for longer and longer, or quicker and quicker. Hopefully you'll find the same happens to you.

Come on Beckipeg: you've nearly got your badge! Chin up! :)


here here to TJFlute some great advice , i must admit i would probably give the weather a miss but tomorrows another day , you will feel so good once you've graduated , I have just done my week 9 twice waiting for the new podcasts to come out . Keep going Beckipeg , poppy wants to come too really she is just being shy ;-)


I am also wii fat, cheeky flippin thing. I don't have scales at home and my regular doc has been off work for an extended period so I've not bothered to get any check ups since week 4, I think, but I was overcome with the need to know if I had lost weight so dragged out the wii. I hadn't used it for 236 days, or some such time, it even pretended to have forgotten my name, yeah. I had to ask my grandchildren to return the handset thing as they had borrowed it, obviously about 236 days ago. I stood on that platform in anticipation of a huge weight loss and it had the cheek to say I had gained 5 pounds and had missed my target for weight loss. Well, all I can say is the grandchildren have the handset back ! I just don't believe that wii. :) I am going to wait until my doc is back at work and hopefully with the addition of zumba once a week I might shake off a few pounds.

As TJ says the new podcasts are on there way very soon and Laura will be back to help you keep going. It is lovely running in the rain, once you are warmed up it is great but you have to decide what is best for your own graduation run. We are all routing for you.


Mr Ramblings came back soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone, but he managed the whole marathon in what were awful conditions. He's said I can use his discount voucher for a running treat (chocolate not included) so I'm looking at my list - perhaps some waterproofs!


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