First bit of bling

First bit of bling

So it was only 3k and a few 4 year olds may have finished before me, but if I hadn't done c25k I wouldn't have been able to run the whole course, (I wouldn't have been able to run any of the course to be honest). It was a really fun day with nearly 300 Santas running around town and about £1000 raised for a local hospice. I'm off to trawl t'internet to find my next event :)

(I will post photos of me togged up as santa when I get them off sons phone)

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  • Fantastic Sandy ! Well done you , sounds like you had a brilliant day AND you got your first bling too ! - Perfect ! :-)

    Its true, this programme opens up a whole new world doesn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. Yes it certainly does

  • Wahay! Bing is bling! Get it where you can 😊

    Seriously, well done!

  • Thanks missw, not content with one medal now, I want more bling lol

  • Excellent Sandy, now your up & running, keep it up!

  • Thanks Dave, I'm looking at what I can aim for next in my area. Will certainly continue running

  • Well done! First of many I am sure, Sandy!

  • Thank you sandra

  • Congratulations :) what a lovely bit of bling. It sounds lovely and a great achievement to run the whole way :)

    I have some fond memories of Sleaford as I used to visit every January in my younger days to oversee a seed business on the edge of the town.

  • It wouldn't be Sharpe's later to become advanta seeds? I worked there for many years :)

  • Yes - that's right! I used to come to audit the finances. I can't recall the name of the finance director but I do remember what a lovely gentleman he was.

  • Actually, would it have been Peter?

  • It was Peter Thompson, and he was a lovely man. I was in the sales dept, so probably never met you.

  • Yes - Peter. A real gem. What a small world :)

  • Wow... go you!

  • well done to you!!

  • Congratulations - it's very exciting. May it be the first of many.

  • Congratulation. Great bling

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