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Still Running & Cycling

Good morning folks,

I have not posted much due to work commitments and home life.....but I recently purchased a bike and decided that I would ride to work & back when I do my 3~ 12 hour shifts the first month was ok....easier riding from Regents Street to Queens Road Peckham in the evening, but after finishing my shift in the morning I was totally knackered!!!!.

The distance from home to work is around 5 to 6 miles dependant on which route I took & as a driver I totally respect anybody who rides to work & back especially in Central London!!!!

So with the 20+ miles on a bike and my 3 weekly runs I must admit that I am reaping the rewards and my runs have become easier ( wow!! )

I enjoy reading the posts when I have a free moment and congratulate everybody who has recently started or graduated.

For me this has been a life changer coupled with been smoke free for nearly 2 years I have been financially & physically better off and would recommend this great forum to anybody who wants to get fit & stop smoking.

I hope to post more often as well due to recently been offered a permanent role after 2 years as a seems that life has improved for me ever since I first took my first steps doing C25K...

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Excellent! Best gift you have ever given yourself!


Thanks Ullyrunner feels great to be able to run the routes when I first started C25K and to increase the distance feels great!!!


briliiant news that you have started biking I got me self a bike a couple of years ago and its a great way to keep fit and supplement the running!



I think you deserve another badge for cycling in London! Good for you though and it's clearly doing your running a power of good. And congratulations on your permanent job.


I love Spin & it has motivated me to try C25K because of the improvement in my stamina. Thinking of getting 'on my bike' too-once the weather improves..... Next summer😂


Thanks folks sorry for that delay in replying!


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