Cycling In-between

Completed W2r2 yesterday and have cycled to work this morning (12 miles) which was a lot easier already than when I tried it 3 weeks ago.

Mind you I have to ride home tonight yet! W2r3 pencilled in for Saturday morning - which should keep me focused and off the booze on Friday night. Then we start all over again with w3 on Monday (maybe Tuesday - well it is bank holiday!) πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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  • Cor blimey Penfo1d you're certainly going for it! Perfect complementary cross-training though!

    Can't think of a sweeter way to start a Bank Holiday Monday than heading out for a joyful W3R1 ;-)

    Steady as you go on your ride home this eve!

  • Am really trying hard this time. No Gym - just eating right and exercise - and it's working!

    We'll have to see about Monday though as I have a pretty hectic (read alcoholic) sunday planned unfortunately.

  • They say we only need 6 weeks to make a habit .. Doesn't matter too much what or how we change things so long as we stick to our routines, have fun and exercise patience!

    Does the Hawaiian masseur wear floral garlands and play ukelele?

  • I asked her that the first time I met her and completely dead pan she just turned to me and said "I've never heard that before" hahaha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ and no she doesn't but it's VERY relaxing.

  • #ratherdisappointed

    Should set you up nicely for a successful W2R3 the next day!

  • #ProbablyCostsExtra haha

    Yes I'm looking forward to r3 now. Got a birthday party tomorrow night so gotta behave at that too - but I got a plan so I don't drink too much (bottles instead of pints, stay out of rounds & max of 2)

    Fingers crossed I stick to it

  • #nodoubtsthere

    Always good to have a plan ready! Just plain stick to it! If they care about you at all they'll totally understand!

    PS Sparkly water!

  • Unfortunately its a bit of a business function so they probably dont care but like the sparkly water idea - might try and sneak a few off those in. Thanks πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ™Œ

  • Oh:-( on the bright side you won't have to buy an expensive present!!!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks! and I have to buy a present? πŸ˜‰ (joke!)

  • Bank holiday means you are allowed to run twice. Or run first thing in the morning and do some crosstraining in the afternoon.

  • I have a sea kayak so hoping to take that out for a spin! If the weather holds :-)

  • Oh I am so glad I saw this! Just about to ask whether anyone else is mixing it up a bit early on in the programme. I feel like I should be doing something on the "rest" days. Just got my bike fixed ( have not ridden since a family "holiday" 4 years ago) and planning on starting swimming again too (literally cannot remember the last time, apart from a couple (literally!) of strokes of leisurely breaststroke on holiday every year, apart from that must be 30 (!!!!!!!) years ago at Uni). I am just about to start w4....

  • Mix it up with cross training on the rest days if you want to. Cycling, hang gliding, tiddlywinks, whatever all use different muscle sets so it doesn't affect your rest days.

  • Well done on getting to week 4! Yes I've been trying to mix it up - went swimming on sunday (similarly been a long time since I last went). However I did play golf one day (badly) and all I got for my trouble was a bad and aching back so might give that one a miss for a while :-)

  • 12.2 miles home - legs are quite aching now though. Quick bath and its my day off exercise tomorrow - got a cheeky hawaiian massage booked in the afternoon. 2 hours of bliss - my little treat 😊

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