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Now what? I've graduated! Oh, I know, I can do some cycling on my rest days!

So, in a fit of madness I signed up for the London to Brighton bike ride as it is 3 days after I hit 50. I've always thought cycling is easier than running. No problem! The running has got me fitter than I've ever been, so I can do this easy.

This morning I decide to do my first training ride! Cool says hubby, you can cycle alongside me as I run! I know he's going to be running for a couple of hours, maybe a bit ambitious for my first ride, but I figure I'll have to keep stopping for him to catch up, so can rest. Oh how naive I was! Off we go, me in my new nappy trousers (soo comfortable!) and my old faithful bike (the spiders were not happy about losing their home!) Darling hubby soon streaks ahead. So I put a speed spurt on and I've nearly caught him when - oh horror - a hill. A long long hill. By the time I admit defeat and walk the last bit, he's out of sight. At last though, a long downhill, and I finally catch up with him. I manage to gasp out that I don't want to overdo it on my first outing, and am heading home. 'Ok hon' says he, fresh as a daisy, not even a little puffed.

Runkeeper tells me I did 5.7km. In 2 and a bit months I have to do 60 miles! Laura, where are you. I need to learn how to ride a bike.

On the plus side, I knocked another 30 seconds off my parkrun time yesterday - woohoo! So I am still getting fitter.

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I feel your pain. I am signed up for a triathlon in august. I went out this week and did some training. I was cycling up a hill (which I have to do 6 times in The race). And this guy with headphones casually walked past me while I was puffing away up the hill. I have spoken to a few cyclists this week and. They all say, have faith. Practice practice practice and you will mange it no problem. Remember your rest days and stretches. Same rules as running as for not overdoing it. C25k has given you a great basis to start from, use the same discipline with your cycling and you will be fine. Good luck.


Thank you for this encouragement. I think I was just a bit cocky, thinking that now I'm that bit fitter, the cycling would be a breeze, but I will start a proper training program.

Good luck with the triathlon. That sounds like an interesting challenge. If I survive the next couple of months, I want to see if there is such thing as a biathlon - I can't really swim well to consider a triathlon, but like the idea of bike/run


There's loads apparently, check out Duathon's.


Thanks. I'll get through the next 2 and a bit months, then start looking into it.


Love your post! I remember when I got my lovely new hybrid bike on the ride to work scheme... it seemed to go so well on my practice ride; then came the ride to work - time pressure to get there with enough time to shower and be ready - I arrived a sweaty shaking mess with a scarlet face - just like the start of c25k really!

I began to enjoy my rides and would note my time on Mapmyride, and tried to beat it every day (depending on shift times as going in on late turns meant playing leapfrog with buses and cars all over!) then I had the perfect ride in; not a red traffic light; the wind was gentle and the sun was coming up! about 3 minutes off my best ever time and I smiled all day :-)

I will be getting my bike out later for day 2 of 5x50, and all things going well will be loving the

open road on two wheels again! :-)


Sounds brilliant. I was trying to plan a route into work avoiding busy traffic, and it's 8 miles, so that will be my first target, maybe in a few weeks if I can learn the route, but there are so many twists and turns! I might even make it into work quicker than I do now with all the traffic jams!

Good luck with your 5x50


Thanks! I wish I could still commute but was moved & can't face a very long ride at each end of a 12 hour shift, would cut into sleeping time too much! & I'd have to negociate the most dearly roundabout in London :-(


Cycling is good exercise but not quite the easy option it seems. I use my bike for riding into town (cheaper and quicker than driving plus lots of places to park the bike) but doubt I could manage a big ride like the one you will be doing. Anyway, you will be training up to it and will probably manage fine. Good luck and best wishes.


Thank you fitmo. It's going to be a challenge, but right now I feel in a very good place, and don't want to lose that feeling. It just might be more of a challenge than I was expecting ;)


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