Edinburgh park run. I DID it !

Yea !!!!!!

My goal this morning was to complete 5k run even if I had to walk part of it and to do it under 50mins And I RAN - yes RAN - all the way in 38.37 mins!!!!! I still can't believe the time . I LOVED it . It is a flat route and was a beautiful sunny morning, cold but dry and no wind or frost. I followed all the advice given on this forum -- go slow and steady , ' follow' someone of similar pace , don't think of how far you still have to go and ENJOY . And do you know what it worked so once again thanks to all you guys for your support. Wilmacgh (regular on this forum) even waited for me at finish after she had completed run She must have been freezing but I really appreciated her being there. I was 428th - not sure how many runners today but I think there was about doz or so behind me I am still on a high. I feel like a little girl and not a 59 yr old grandma of 7. Never ever thought I would achieve this when I started C25K couple of months ago Still have 2 runs to do so hopefully graduate next week Wow! For anyone thinking about doing park run -- just go for it !

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24 Replies

  • That's fantastic , congratulations , there will be no stopping you now . Well done .

  • Thank you

  • Well done on your time and completing it - and now being on such a buzz! Continue on and enjoy graduation later this week!

  • Thanks I am looking forward to seeing graduation next to my name

  • Hi I'm also local to Edinburgh and have just been looking at the Parkrun link. Thanks for the recommendation, may try it next time we have a sunny Saturday morning! Hubby and I ran Forth Rd Bridge this morning - freezing but beautiful view!

  • It's a beautiful route but can be windy Everyone was so friendly and welcoming I would say I would wait for you at finish same as Wilma kindly did for me but I think you are faster But let me know if you do it and il say hello

  • Very well done! Isn't it great to find a new source of pleasure in life post 50 ;-)

  • Yay fantastic and what a great time, you should be very proud and I am sure your grandchildren will be very proud.

  • I am so pleased My children and husband are very supportive Not sure if grandchildren really understand - oldest is just 5 . I am so looking forward to running races with them next year -- maybe ill even get a medal

  • Thanks Yes been really difficult year and focussing on this programme has given me the kick up the bum I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself

  • Fantastic achievement, well done! So wonderful seeing folks over 50 achieving like this (as someone just turned 50 a few months ago).

  • Totally agree I will be 60 in feb and started this prog so I could run 1mile race with grandson but have somehow caught the running bug Recon I could have another 20+ years of running left What do you think?

  • Don't doubt it! I started running for the first time in my life at 67 just 7 weeks ago. My kids are so proud of me cos I'm a rebel! My grandkids are just confused. This isn't how old ladies behave!

  • Go girl Age is just a number We Rock !

  • brilliant! Time was superb and you said you were a slowie!!! Next week will be easy least!

  • I still can't believe time Before this morning I was only getting to 3k in 28 mins so not quite sure what happened today

  • That's brilliant! Go the over-50s! You're so right about being able to achieve goals - I'm absolutely loving having a lot more energy and stamina now, at 52 (nearly!), than I probably had 20 years ago! I think you can do whatever you set your mind to, Fitfor60! Thanks for the offer of meeting at Parkrun, I'll let you know if I get round to it one of these weekends! And don't be too sure about having to wait for me at the finish - I've a way to go before today's pace is consistent, and you're going from strength to strength too!

  • Thanks We are lucky with having such a lovely place to run in Good luck with your running

  • Amazing - so proud for you...

  • Thank you

  • Very tempting to say "told you so"! It was a fab morning for parkrun and I am so glad you had a lovely time! You did really well and you will be back for more. It was beautiful in Hampshire too and I achieved my goal of sub30 5k for the first time :-) **highfive**

  • Wow brilliant time well done A lot is having confidence and believing in yourself but sometimes easier said than done The weather does help Not sure how much fun run would be in the pouring rain

  • Thanks for your kind words. Really pleased for you.

  • Well done you, fantastic! We just did our first parkrun today too, in St Andrews. Might consider a tourist run in Edinbugh further down the line.

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