OMG I got there.............eventually!

Well it's been 3 months since my 'feeling like a failure' post and a lot has happened since then.

After severe pain, repeated chest infections, more problems with my lungs and a short stay in hospital, today I finally completed week 5 run 3, a full 20 minutes of jogging, WITHOUT STOPPING AT ALL, I can't quite believe that I did it.

The doctor pretty much laughed at me when I said in May that I wanted to try c25k , well when I come for my check up next week I will have the greatest pleasure in telling you that I've got over my biggest hurdle yet!

6 months ago, some days I struggled to walk up the stairs and today I actually jogged for a full 20 minutes, I feel so chuffed with myself.

If I can do this anyone can

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  • Well done. Sorry to hear about your hurdles but you have done extremely well. I am not happy about your doc laughing at you though, this is quite insensitive! So glad you made it and when you graduate you will feel so happy. I did only a week ago and I am so happy with myself. Well done again.

  • Brilliant crazycat! sounds like you've been having a rough year but emerging triumphant! Go you!

  • What an amazing achievement and you can show your Dr what you achieved. The physical and mental health benefits of running are amazing. I feel like a different person. Nice n steady now all the way to graduation, brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Wow

  • Fantastic news, Crazycat. What a triumph over adversity. You are amazing.

  • Fabulous! You overcame all the odds and you did it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • That is fantastic. Well deserved bragging rights. Brag to everyone, you've earned the right !

  • That's brilliant CrazyCat, you're doing just brilliantly. How dare your doctor laugh!! Grrrr. Never ever underestimate a runner!!

  • Yay Crazy Cat and Boo to your doc , thats shocking !

    Well done to you , youre doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • A-maze-ing! Well done you. I found Week 4 a real milestone. Keep on going! :D

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