W4R3 "Look what I found!"

W4R3 "Look what I found!"

A wonderful level stretch of street which I never knew existed in my area. As bland/level/quite/peaceful as it can get at 1 AM and I love ๐Ÿ˜ it!


Jogging seems to be the right word to describe what I did today. Thanks to everyone here, I have understood it is as normal as it can get until we build stamina/strength to take things to next level.

Which by the way I have set myself to try from 01 July 2016, 3 months well into graduation, hopefully!


Next week in the program, I see things are ramping up quite fast.

5 minutes sessions, 8 minutes ones and 20 minute ones! ๐Ÿ™ƒ


Here's to hoping to be able to crack it!


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  • Lovely, quiet, lit streets. Bliss! (1am not quite so delightful in my view, but kudos to you for sure!) :)

    You're ready for the next week - you can do this! :)

  • A lot of streets are like that at 1am, but I have better things to do at that time like sleeping!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Nice photo ! running at 1am ? Thought I was mad running at 6am in fleece, gloves and woolly hat !!

    Well done. Don't worry about if you are jogging or running. sometimes my run is a bit faster than a walk. As I run out of steam near end It develops to a plod.

    What I have found is that once I got into continuous running my speed naturally increased bit by bit. I started like most not able to run for a bus but could now beat that bus home !!

    Regularly do 6 1/4 K (in about 44 minutes) 2 times per week and run 4 1/4K once per week to work. I experiment with podcasts sometimes on one run but am not worried about speed. doing the time and building up stamina to running 6K helps me when I drop down to 5K and can try to increase pace.Some experts reckon that at whatever age we start running we could have 7 years improvement in us ! Perhaps Mo Farah should be worried !!!

    The main thing is the sense of achievement and physical and mental health and well being.

    Keep us all posted !

  • I like morning runs too!

    I just really like the winding down aspect of this late night ones. Run, hot shower and duvet!

  • You make it sound almost tempting..almost....but I will stick to my mornings..๐Ÿ™‚

  • You will crack it..and, with that lovely flat running surface..no excuse at all! :)

    Well done and keep it slow and steady :)

  • thank you :)

  • Ramping up is a bit strong. Gradual increase. You can handle it though as long as you go SLOWLY. No need for speed

    Steady as you go

    Have fun on your flat street. What a find! You will never look at streets in the same way again

  • :P

  • Like a scene from a Hovis ad, I can hear the music! nchunc you can do this. Slow and steady โ˜บ

  • It was indeed like taking myself to the top of the world. It was a grand run back though!

  • Great run nchunc - still don't know how you manage to run so late/early - it's not the gremlins I'd be worried about at that time in the morning!

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