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Week 8 and counting

Hello everyone, just thought I'd join in....

I'm about to start week 8 of the plan and I have to say I am feeling pleased with myself. When I started week one I was hooked right away - it was so simple! Just put in the headphones and do exactly what my new friend Laura says. I've done that for every run now and so I find myself seeing the end on the horizon....can't believe it. I love it and sort of dread it at the same time. I waste time in the day planning out routes in my head. At the start of week 5 I actually went into a sports shop and bought actual real life running shoes - like walking on air after my chunky trainers. I went to a podiatrist to check my poor old feet were in good shape. I bought a reflective vest.....

Anyway, I'm 54, full time job, 2 grown up children, I had horrendous sciatica a few months ago and had an operation - discectomy and decompression- and physiotherapy etc. I felt old and stiff and on a slope towards decrepitude. Never did anything more than walk the dog.

I have no idea how fast I'm going, nor how far. All I know is, I'm now running for 25 non-stop minutes, soon to be 30. Last night it chucked down with freezing rain - and I felt on top of the world! What will I do when the 9 weeks is up? 😬

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Well done. You are so right to feel pleased with yourself. What will you do when the nine weeks are up? You'll keep on running of course :)


Keep going, you're so close! I still haven't got proper running shoes 😳 May need to go shopping soon!


Just keep running for 30 minutes at a time. Trying new routes is a good idea. I was tempted to go faster and further once I had completed to programme,, but strained a hip and had to stop for 6 weeks which was very disappointing. It's great to feel fit isn't it! No need to think about speed or distance.


You can download apps that tell u ur speed and distance. Mi use Runkeeper which is free and easy to use. In settings you can get it to tell you each time you do a km and/or each time 5 mins has passed. It can cut into ur podcast if you still use Laura to help u.


Thank you for your replies.. i just drove my route out of curiosity and found out that I managed a shade over 4km on each run last week - i can't believe it and can't wait to start on week 8. If I can get through that without dying then I am actually starting to believe I can do it. I have no plan other than to keep listening to big sister Laura...I remember at the end of week 6 when she told me I was a proper runner - literally started crying!


Keep going of course!

Well done - your enjoyment and enthusiasm shines through. Have no fear,there are all sorts of lovely running adventures ahead!

There is life after Laura!


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