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Week 1 Day 1.....Oh dear o_O

It seems i prepared myself well for the start of this 9 week programme. I mapped where i would go,i bought new running trainers.I read up on just about every aspect. What I hadn't prepared myself for,was actually DOING it. By the 4th time i was told to "run" i was really feeling it.I had that "what the hell am i doing" moment. But i carried on,drank some water,felt sick,and eventually got to the end.I then realised my mapping skills were rubbish and i was about a 20 minute walk from home.

However I did it....Am i going to give up? Nope...I am more aware of how hard this will be. But for the first time since i was a teenager (maybe before) i tied up my laces and went for a run..And it felt fantastic....AFTERWARDS LoL

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O, good going, Viper! And you've already conquered the highest and hardest obstacle...inertia!

I'm not gonna say it's's hard....damned hard....but yes, the feeling afterward is fantastic. A sense of self achievement (and it is SELF achievement, no one else takes even one of those steps FOR you) that is hard to imagine until you have "been there, done that".

Keep at here..there are lots of others that are where you are or have been through it and really understand how you are feeling...a great community.

Good running success to you!


well done, its the getting started thats the hardest but you've done that now, if want to run with other people at your level search in google for your nearest sweatshop running store, each store has a running community for people like your self, it is all completely free,


you've started! that's the hardest bit :-)

weirdly after week 5 I've found it get's easier - just keep going and good luck


Dont worry about nearly throwing up, it can happen quite a bit to some people, it means you have really pushed yourself.

You want to know what is so fantastic? In the space of a few weeks your ability to these runs shoots up. Your cardio, lungs and your muscles all adapt and become much better very very quickly.


Ha! You're not a proper runner until you have run yourself sick :-)

Or at least that's what I try to pretend. I had the vomitorium specially marked on my route plan.....


Good going; you've started and that's the hardest bit. In 6 months time you'll be doing laps of Rother Valley!


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