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Music ideas

I've just done a quick search for running music with BPM and have discovered jog.fm. You can search by BPM and it gives you a rough idea of what sort of 1k time you'd manage if you kept to the beat of the track. It comes up with lots of ideas, from several genres of music. Seems like a good idea if you want to run to something interesting with the correct tempo. I've just created a 150-160BPM playlist on Spotify using it. Gonna try it out tomorrow morning!

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Let us know how you get on with it! I have to admit that I have acquired the great skill of ignoring the beat of my music, so that I can listen to a real mix when I run whether the music is fast or slow! I just plod on at my own pace regardless! Think I might be a bit rubbish at keeping within a predetermined bpm. In fact, I have absolutely no idea what my heart rate does when I run (monitor wise) and am not sure if this is a good or extremely unwise thing!😮

Good luck.

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I was running to a track yesterday which was really good and helped me no end when I was struggling. it was on the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k. Running to bpm is a good plan Simon. I've got a list on my desk of some new tracks to download based on their bpm. They say that the best tempo is about 185, which sounds a lot but apparently it makes you run with much smaller steps. I'm keen to try it! I hope you get on ok with your play list. Have fun!


185? Oh my gosh. I am struggling with the 35 mins of Stamina which Laura has 158bpm- 10 mins; 160 bpm- 20 mins; 165 bpm- 5 mins...


Ha Ha Sandra ! I am exactly the same , I plod on at my own pace too. I don't really have any slowish music on my playlist , its all fast, upbeat stuff !

I might have to give this a go, it sounds really interesting ! :-) xxx


You don't necessarily run any faster. You just take smaller steps

This one got me shifting a bit yesterday. It's on the Sami podcast


Hi MW, I have searched for the Sami Murphy Bridge 210K podcasts but cannot find them anywhere! The link I did find on one occasion didn't work - where are they?😦



It's listed here ☺ week 1 is a bit wonky but the rest is fine ☺


Well that went ridiculously well... I started off to Don't Stop Me Now and then Sex on Fire (both very nice to run to). Then the pace upped slightly with Rockefeller Skank but it all goes a bit weird at the end with tempo changes. Gin Blossoms Follow You Down next (decent enough beat), then Atheist Peace by Bad Religion (bit boring). What's My Age Again and Chelsea Dagger were great pick-me-ups as I was starting to tire by that point. Finished running to Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother (another great running track).

Did 5k in 29:15, knocking over a minute off my previous best. Wasn't planning on it when I left the house, it just kind of happened!



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