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It's been a while!

since I last blogged. No real reason just not had anything that exicting to write about. Still don't but thought I'd say hi!

So what have I been up to in the last month? Still doing 2 runs a week as can't seem to find the time to fit in the 3rd...will try again this week!

Running club going well and this week is the start of the winter handicap series...once a month there is a timed 5 or 6 mile run (depending on how fast you are) so you can track progress over the winter. Little nervous but what's the worst that can happen...I come in last and someone has too!

I'm still running at my local park run occassionally and also volunteering (love this!). Compared to Bromley the Orpington one is a little hillier (more inclines!) and a whole lot muddier. Was disheartening to see my 5k time go up by a couple of minutes (on my best run at Orpington) compared to the other park run but from talking to the fast guys this week have been reassured as all their times have gone up too! Not just me. Next goal is to get back to 34 mins and then start working towards the glorious 30 min marker. I think the hard work over winter when it's muddy etc will help me get there!

As I feel that I've been going backwards I had a one off coaching session to see if I could get any tips on improving. Picked up a couple of little things (keep pumping those arms and don't hunch over going up hills!) that I've already put in practive and it's helping! I know this as yesterday I went out before volunteering at my parkrun (gosh I am keen!) and did just under 3 miles without stopping! That's the first time I've been able to do that for quite some time (took the advice we all give each other - SLOW DOWN). I even went fast (well for me!!!) for the last half a mile or so as I knew I would make it to the end.... When I finished I had that elusive runners high that I LOVE and makes me want to go back out and do it all over again!!! I think that we definalty need these good runs occassionally to make us get out of bed and go out in the cold and wet!

Am looking forward to the Jigsaw 5k (Guildford)at the beginning of December and seeing fellow couch 2 5kers there - Theresa, Greg, Betty and MrQWest you still up for it? If anyone else wants to join us let us know!

Right have bored you for long enough now so will sign off!!!!

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Hi Ali, I'm still up for the Jigsaw run, although I've been grounded for the past week, my knee started playing up again. I was OK after parkrun then it woke me up in the night, and has been sore all week, I think I'll try a 10min run tomorrow and build up by 5 mins every other day. Fingers crossed I'll stay fit.


Oh no, hope the knee gets better soon.

I was just looking for my email confirmation for the jigsaw run and can't find it! Will have to message them! Arrggh!


phew...found it in the trash box!


That is a great post, lovely to hear from you, you are doing brilliantly :-)


hi ali. wondered what you had been up to. good to hear from you.

shelley x


yes ma'am I'll be there. Excellent to hear you're still out there sometimes feels like the old gang has gone, still a few of us about though ;-)


definatley still here! just not posting as much these days. it's hard to keep up with what everyone is doing as there are so many of us now (3500 - wow!)


Good to hear from you, glad you're still enjoying it :-)


Lovely to hear from you Ali! Sounds like you're doing great to me. You are getting out there and enjoying it, that's the main thing!


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