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It's been a while... injured :(

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Haven't posted in months. Was flying high & running 3 times a week doing 5k's in the summer.

Then I went to Canada to visit family & ran X 2 with my cousin who is much faster & got tendinitis in my left Achilles. That was early Sept.

Haven't run since due to the injury.

Am really missing running even despite the cold & dark mornings lol!!

I think I'll be ready to gently return to running in about 2-3wks.

Might do a very gentle jog & see how long I can jog for before I have to walk. This'll then give me an idea of which week to go back to on c25k program to restart running.

Am so upset I overdid it when running with my cousin.

Note to self: run your own race!!

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Oh Poodle, welcome back! Such bad news about your injury, :( I suspect each and every one of us would have tried to keep up with our faster cousin, so don't beat yourself up about it.

If you take my advice, I'd go right back to the beginning and really enjoy doing the whole programme again, especially the early weeks where you build so much fitness. Both Spikymoss and I have done this recently and have come back faster and stronger second time around.

Take things gently and enjoy your return. Good to have you back :)

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Oh no Poodle - so many people have overdone it and lived to rue the day. I really hope you get out running soon - do take it gently!

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Yes we've been there, done that. Sob! So sorry you got yourself crocked! What a shame when you were going great guns. Juju has been suffering tendonitis so you're not alone. I have a rotten shin splint and have been out since flippin May!

Glad to hear you expect to be back shortly. Hang in there Manc! Treat yourself to a cheapo Aldi running cap with LIGHT IN THE BRIM! I can't wait to try mine out. So far, I tried it on in the bathroom with the light off. Felt dead intrepid!

Your return to running will be a splendid occasion. Plan a victory run!

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Welcome back! Hope you will soon be out and about again.

You want to get back so you will. I think your words should be a mantra for every runner - run your own race! Take it easy and enjoy the journey second time around.

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