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It's been a while...

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The lovely aliboo70 pointed out to me yesterday that I've been rather quiet on here of late, so I thought I'd let you all know I'm still around.

Some of you will know of my ankle problems that started soon after my graduation - I'm still having problems, they're always sore, some days worse than others. Ironically when I run they don't hurt at all but I pay for it afterwards, despite proper warming down and more eccentric heel drops than you can shake a stick at! However, I AM still running, I just have to be careful. I think it probably means that I'll never get beyond 10k, but I can live with that.

Speaking of which, my biggest race of the summer was the Great Newham London Run. It was amazing to finish a 10k on the track in the Olympic Stadium, even though I didn't post a great time (the heat and small but plentiful inclines got the better of me). I loved it all the same though and the picture is me crossing the finish line. The crossed arms are not because I like X Factor (!), but because I'm a West Ham fan, and the Crossed Hammers sign is one of our most commonly used celebrations. It seemed appropriate. And it'll be our home from next season. And I ran there. Incredible.

Looking forward, I have a 5k race in the Olympic Park on 13th December and will be doing the London Winter Run on 31st January hopefully with lots of people from the Beyond C25k group on Facebook.

Still managing an occasional Parkrun too.

So that's me. I'm still here, still running (just!) and still loving it.

Be lucky everyone, and run like the wind.

Steve x

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Hello :) :) :)

Sorry to hear about your ankles but great to hear you are still running.

Keep running :) :) :) :)

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Hi Steve !

Lovely to hear from you, sorry to read of your injury woes but good news that youre still getting out there when you can

Great photo and please keep in touch xxx

Great to here you still getting out here and I'm sorry that your ankle is still giving you Trouble. Great to hear you are doing the Winter run, me too, I think there are a few of us from here as well gearing up for a great meet up.

Great photo Steve and SO nice to have a update from you! I'm so pleased that your ankles are not stopping you no matter what! Great attitude & welcome back! :)

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Love the photo - you look victorious.

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Well done Steve for sticking at it.

Lovely to hear from you again. See you in January !

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hey steve, great pic :D happy to see you are still out there doing it :) sorry to hear about your ankles , keep at it Steve :D

Fab photo Steve and so good to hear from you. Your tags sound like a red top headline!

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Lovely to hear from you again, and that you are still running. Well done too for coming to terms with your injuries and finding something that works for you. Love that pic

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