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Muscle ache between shoulder blades

I have just completed the stamina podcast which I found quite difficult especially as I was mostly running up a steep hill in the second part.

Question, for the past couple of weeks when I get up in the morning I've been experiencing upper back ache (muscular I'm sure) between my shoulder blades (the trapezius muscle I think)

Could it be due to bad upper body posture when I run ?

Any thoughts ?

Apart from that post grad is great. I even made my own playlist. Guess what I didn't miss the "super" NHS tracks !

Nice to have Laura back from time to time to stimulate and challenge my run.

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Well done for your progress with the Stamina podcast. Re Upper back ache 1) Are you pulling your shoulders up towards your ears when you run ? If so try and relax them down. 2) Do you clench your fists when running ? If so try and unclench them and run with floppy hands. Hope you get to the bottom of it....


I don't think I'm doing either of those two things because laura told me not to but my arms might be a bit tense so I might try letting them flop.

Thank you for the advice


I get that same pain when cycling oddly enough, so I was interested in this answer. Yes I hunch my shoulders to my ears, so must work on that, thank you!


I definitely hunch up - especially when I'm trying really hard to increase my pace or if it's cold and/or windy. When I realise I'm doing it I let my arms go straight & do a kind of marching type thing. Even though you don't think you're hunching up you might be doing it anyway. I would try the floppy arm thing every now & then just to see if it makes any difference


Thank you for the advice. I think I must be hunching without realising it. Yesterday I tried to relax my upper body and i am definitely better today.


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