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Back Ache

I graduated last week (yey) but from about week 7 I've had a stiff back. To say it hurts isn't quite right it just feels stiff when i move then eases off.

I've not run tonight as the weather is awful and now just getting off of the sofa makes me catch my breath.

I've never had back problems as such just the odd niggle evry now and then. I've been to physio recently for Siatica (sorry that's probaly spelt completely wrong) and they said i have astrong back and a very good range of movement.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on anything i can do to help ease it? It doesn't hurt when i run or when i'm walking or at Zumba it's just sitting and standing up. One of my friends asked if runing ws jarring it? Quite an innocent question but it's got me wondering.

Incase it's relevant I mainly run of pavements, i'm 33 and not tried any painkillers or anything. Do you think an anti imflamatory might help? (not asking for medical advice just wondering)

Any advice would be much appreciated? I'm think of perhaps only running twice a week and see if that helps.

Thanks, Allie

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Just a thought, the physio said it wasn't siatica but restless legs so no underlying back probelms


I suffer from sciatica now and again and the pain is terrible. I also get periods where my back feels tight after a run so I do a simple stretch after my run along with leg stretches which my pilates teacher recommended.

For back. Standing straight and upright cross right leg over in front of left and place foot as close as possible to the right foot keeping them in line, now lift the right arm up over your head and gently stretch over towards the lefthand side. Hold for a count of 20 to begin with and increase up to 30 seconds over the next few weeks, also increase the stretch very gently. DO NOT BOUNCE. Now repeat the stretch by crossing the left foot in front of the right and place as close as you can to the right foot, lift the left arm and gently stretch over to the right.

Repeat both sides once more. This simple stretch helps to losen the back muscles which I find get a bit tight after a long run. Hope this helps.


Thank you i'll give it a try and add it into my cool down


I would guess that your back is hurting after sitting because the muscles are too stationary so they effectively seize up a bit. Running on pavement is very jarring, running on grass is a bit less jarring but still jars nonetheless :( I hurt my neck on W6R3 which was 25mins straight, and a week later I can still feel how much running jars my neck if I run a few steps.

Maybe stretches and a nice warm bath after a run will cure your problem?


Thanks for you reply. I am traditionally a shower person but perhaps a bath is the way to go. I'm hoping to run tonight (my back seems OK today) so will try the stretches Old girls suggests followed by a bath and see if it helps.

Thanks again, Allie


If you are going to have a bath after a run instead of a shower the secret is to get out of it while the water is still pretty warm and not wait until its cooled down. The stretching exercises should be done while your still warm after your run too. Take them steadily, don't over stretch and DO NOT BOUNCE that will do far more harm than good. Hope things settle down for you soon.


I found that once my runs got longer I got lower back pain aswell. to ease this I would lay on my back, with my legs curled up onto my chest & roll from side to side. after a run I should also say! this helped to ease out the muscles in my lower back & I would them try to imagine relaxing every disc in my back into the floor when I lowered my legs.

hope the back ache disappears soon. x


Ah yes I remember that one from my physio I'll give them a try. Thanks Allie


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