Between runs?

Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the advice and motivational support to help me complete day 3 of week 5 yesterday - it really helped! And like everyone said I would, I did it! Proud of myself! I wonder what, if anything, people do on their day off between runs? Laura says to give our bodies a rest, but I wonder if that is just from running, or whether for example people do a little weight training for the upper body and arms or anything? Look forward to hearing from you. And to anyone who has a run today - go for it! xx


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  • Well done Andrea yourunner you. I haven't been doing much other than dog walking on rest days but I know I should really be cross training or doing a bit of strength training as you suggest!

  • Lol, I'm a very slow runner! I'm not worrying about speed at all though. Just keeping on, keeping on. I walk the dogs on the other days as well, I think they are getting fitter too. They run about ten times more than me as they scamper about all the time whilst I'm plodding along! One of my main motivations is to get more stamina so I can run them better at agility.

  • I try to do something on non run days, even if it's just a walk. I've got a stepper and a rowing machine and if I've got time and inclination I do half an hour on those. It helps keep my legs from being stiff (they have been rickety for years, and exercise has made a MASSIVE difference to my movement so it's worth every second I exercise).

  • Fab! Well done you! My legs seem OK, but I just wonder if I should be doing something with the rest of my body! Lol. I've had some weights for years and they call out to me as I walk past the cupboard. Maybe it's time I opened the door and picked them up for ten minutes or so... :-)

  • When I'm on the stepper I work my arms with some ghastly luminous pink hand weights. Thank goodness I'm in the garage or kitchen and no-one can see me when I do it. It's not pretty! When I'm on the rower I try to use my stomach and shoulders to do the pulling rather than my legs, as I think they are getting plenty of exercise already.

  • PS I got these both cheap second hand from a local facebook advert. Exercise doesn't have to cost the earth and I can't afford a gym membership (plus I'm way too self conscious for a gym!).

  • You are right, it doesn't have to cost the earth. I had to cancel my gym membership because I couldn't afford it and this is actually more fun!

  • I dog walk as well but if I am in town I go to the gym and do strength stuff. Leg presses in particular have made a big difference but an overall increase in strength has been good too.

    I've been a bit off the rails lately for a variety of reasons but just getting back to it and feeling much better for it.

  • Great, glad to hear it's all going well again!

  • I think she just means a rest from running. My understanding is that its fine to do no or low impact exercise on 'rest' days. I like yoga and swimming on 'rest' days but also doing a bike ride as well for Jantastic at the moment. Well done on the 20 min run, that's a big hurdle overcome.

  • Thank you - it felt like a big hurdle, that's for sure! What's Jantastic, I'll have to look that one up on Google! I think I'll get my weights out and do a bit of work on my arms and upper body, see how I get on!

  • I use my Leslie Sansone power walking dvd, usually the one that is meant to be the equivalent of a 4 mile walk. It's still legs with some upper body work but they're moving in a different way to a running action so other muscles are getting a workout too :)

  • Thanks, I might get my daughter's Let's Dance wii game out and do some of that! As you say it uses different muscles :-)

  • Most peeps do some other work on their rest day, eg walking (great by the way), cycling, swimming, gym. I can't afford a gym so I do Jillian Michaels DVD's in my front room. My son gave me a set of 3 lb weights and a mat. Since then there's been no stopping me. It's improved my running no end and stopped the niggles I was getting with ankles and knees, as it strengthens them. Strengthens back, arms and upper body too. Folks recommend rowing machines too. We have one on our local rec!

    Whatever you do, just don't go mad. Go steady. You want to finish C25k in one piece

  • I was doing the strength and flex on non running days but need to find something else to do as I have been a bit lax on that front. You got me checking out the NHS site again as I know there are some plans on there and came across this one

  • Oh, and forgot to say... well done on completing week 5. Great achievement :D

  • Thank you! Will check out that website link. Really appreciate your help x

  • Ooh thanks for posting that link! Looks good and definitely stick-at-able :)

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