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Back ache go away!!!

Not been able to run since last Monday. Should have gone out on Wednesday but we were at the theatre so I planned to go on Thursday but since then I've had a really bad back. I've had problems with a back spasm that I get every now and then and although the spasm has died down (thankfully!) I still have a really bad ache and what feels like lumps in my lower back. I know they will go in a day or so but I'm itching to get out. It's made me realise I really need to focus on building up my core muscles to hopefully stop this from happening so often.

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I know how you feel, I have had a few unexpected problems with a very painful hip. What with the heat and this awful sharp pain which left me lame I have really struggled to complete week 8 and had to rest for 4 days.....but it is so frustrating .Hopefully back on track again now ,as did manage a good run last night. Fingers crossed that I stay sound.

I think what you said about concentrating on your core strength is very true....I am starting to realise that tension and bad posture can cause big trouble. I have been googling some useful advice on stretches and techniques for runners to help. I am looking in to doing Pilates too. This running thing is becoming so addictive,I really want to become a proper runner !


Pilates sounds like a good idea. I've never tried it but have tried yoga a few times by following a DVD - I just never keep it up so I'm going to have to build it into my routine and make sure I stick at it! You're right about running being addictive - so frustrating when you can't get out! Good luck with the last few runs to graduation!


I haven't tried Pilates (though my brother found it really very helpful for his bad back) but I have found yoga really very good for core strength and stretches - and also for the 'mindfulness' - it goes really well with running, and helps on longer runs when motivation can dip. Definitely recommend it. :)


Not really sure of the difference between yoga and Pilates to be honest but know I need to do something. Hoping to get back into running at the weekend. How often do you do yoga? Is it best to do straight after a run or on non-run days?


I haven't been doing much exercise at all while it's been hot (naughty!) but when it works well as an alternative exercise on non-running days. Though I'm sure you could do it after running too, if you were energetic. :) I always really enjoy it once I get myself started.

I'm not too clear about the difference either - but a free yoga class happened to start up where I work just when I'd got interested in the idea, so that's what I ended up with, and it's really suited me.


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