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Knee pain


Hi everyone - well, I’ve certainly moved on from last time I posted 3/4 weeks ago. I repeated week 1 so did 6 ‘runs’ (fast walks!) over two weeks then repeated my second week and at the last two runs I could sloooooow jog for 60 of the 90 seconds. So improvement indeed. Yesterday I decided to go for week 2 again and I jogged every run for the full 90seconds! Never thought I could do that in a million years! I have had quite severe knee pain which I did rest-up for 4 days and used ice packs but if anyone else has any thoughts on how to treat this I’d appreciate your comments. Thanks to all of you who gave encouragement - it’s certainly spurred me on and I WILL make W9 👍👍👍

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Fantastic! Every time you go out for a run you are already improving your health and fitness so well done. Repeating runs is better than sitting on the couch!

As for the knee pains, make sure you're wearing good, supportive trainers and that you're landing on your feet properly when you walk or run. I've been told you should aim to land on the middle of your feet and not the heel. The experts on here will be along soon for more advice and to correct me if I'm wrong.

Some stretching exercises for calves and ham strings will also help. Good luck with your running journey, you're doing brilliantly. X


Most "pain" at this early stage is probably mostly coming from muscles, tendons, bones being made to do something which they have never done!! :) Of course , it could also be from the way in which you run and/or your shoes. Bear in mind that it is possible to run without shoes if it is done correctly - so sometimes people place too much emphasis on shoes. Just stick to the programme and keep up the enthusiasm - there is no rush to move onto the next week - take as long as you like with as many rest days as you wish in between runs. For most of us, C15K was a marathon and not a sprint !!:)

Aww thanks Rooster678. Yes have good running shoes which were fitted after a gait analysis so no probs there. I do stretches after my ‘runs’ following the advice of NHS C25k website but don’t do anything before them. Maybe I should? I would hate to stop now that I’ve got the bug!!

Well done you! 👏👏👏👏 Lovely positive post, and it sounds like you mean business!

Are you able to run on a softer surface to aid shock absorption for your knees? Aches and pains are normal in new running legs to a certain degree, but please exercise caution if it’s a stabbing pain, or one which persists. Also make sure your trainers are suitable. Maybe a gait analysis?

You’re doing amazingly though, so good luck on your journey, and keep us posted! 😀


Well done... your hard work at the start is really paying dividends now. Maybe a knee support for a few runs could help? Enjoy your next run and you’ll be running 30 minutes sooner than you think.

Hi Jude, make sure you warm up those muscles before you start. You need to do some dynamic stretching. Swing one leg side to side, I count to 15, then back and forward, same with other leg. Brisk walk before starting to run. Maybe make your running stride a little shorter so there's less impact on your knees. Someone may be along soon with a link to some warm-up ideas, I don't know how to do it on my phone 😶 oh and my usual mantra, if it starts to hurt, slow down 🐌


Agree about a knee support - I also had knee issues early on in W3 and rested for a week then carried on with knee supports and no further trouble. Don't intend to wear them for ever, but they have proved useful until my legs/knees/body gets stronger. Also make sure I stretch before and after each run, and I also find, rather contrarily, that I have less trouble if I run on a hard surface, grass and woodland tracks often have uneven bits which can cause your knees to twist if you tread on them, changing from running on a grass track to a tarmac'ed tow path has also helped me enormously.

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