1st PG run = 1st 5k

First run without old Laura and with new Laura (my new data-happy, wrist-based toy) and I ran my first 5k!!!

It took 31mins 56s, despite having to stop once for traffic and (separately) nearly being run over by a kid on a pushbike. I think I must have looked down at my watch about 50 times in the last km. Average pace of 6m23s per km and avg speed of 9.39km/hr. Really chuffed that I did it in under 32mins.

Well chuffed with myself!

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  • Well done - you deserve to be pleased!

    First 5k is a great milestone and sub-32m is an excellent pace for it.

    Fab' running!


  • Excellent stuff - I'm nowhere near that yet and graduated a while back, but perhaps I'm a bit more lazy and less likely to push myself!

    Well done on your brilliant result.

  • Congratulations! :-D that is such an achievement! I bet your new Laura is very impressed- what are your plans now you've graduated AND reached 5k? :-)

  • Keep running 3 times a week. 2 shorter runs of ~30mins will be to try and slowly improve on my 5k time. The longer run will be for endurance: I am hoping to do a 10k next September.

    I plan on using the C25K+ podcasts occasionally and see how I get on with them.

  • That sounds great. I'm hoping to do the river ness 10k next autumn- I'm definitely conscious of trying not to get too ahead of myself like I've done before :-P maybe parkrun could be a good way to stay on track too? I've not tried any, but lots of people seem to love the community of it :-)

  • brilliant. If that's your first 5k time you'll be under 30 minutes very soon. Good luck with your new toy too - graduation present?

    I once saw a kid on a pushbike being run over by a pedestrian (pedestrian ran across the road, dodging traffic and ran into the side of the biker) in the middle of oxford. I thought it was funny, but I bet neither of them did :)

  • Thanks. Yes, I suppose it was a graduation present. Couldn't resist bidding on a few watches on eBay. Finally got one for under £43 (incl P&P). I bet the seller wasn't best pleased!

  • What a brilliant time! All power to you Simon!

  • Well done!

  • Yay! First 5k and a terrific time - you have every right to feel chuffed😀😀

  • Well done! I wish I could do that time!

  • Excellent time Simon , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Great Result. I found the Parkruns very affirming, since you are publicly declaring yourself to be a runner. Somehow I found it easier to run in the company (and encouragement) of others, so going back to solo was harder. Excellent time - I've bought a digital Laura (as I shall now call it/her) from Amazon, but it was confiscated and wrapped up for Christmas!

  • What a brilliant time for your 1st 5k - wow!

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