My 1st 5K

My 1st 5K

Good Evening Folks!

Tonight was my first run after graduation, and like my running buddy (@ Elsie) I decided to go solo and run a straight 5K to benchmark my timing.

Well as most of you would know (unless you are sitting somewhere in the Caribbean :) ) it hasn't been the best of weather today. Adding to a bad day at work, coming home to an electricity blackout,didn't really help either.

I went out later than I wished, welcomed by the winds of "you really think you are going to run" and knocked out my first run. Felt strange not having Laura there telling me whats happening, but then it felt good when I heard.. "you have run 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k".

Quite pleased with the run overall, concentrated a tad more on the breathing today and ran comfortably through out. I have added the stats as normal, but thinking of maybe excluding the in the future.


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20 Replies

  • For the first time in what seems an age, there was very little wind in the costa del clyde.

    I dont think I remember seeing so many people out on "my route".

    Anyhoo. Looks as if you enjoyed yourself and put in a great time, despite the wind (it never seems to be at your back).

  • It's funny when I am running there are no other runners on any of my routes. Pass by in the car and you see them everywhere.!

    I had it coming mainly front and sides, any harder and I would have started playing hopscotch :) .

  • Well done.

    You have been having what is normal here in the Outer Hebrides. Yesterday we had a lovely calm bright day. :-)

    God luck with your progress.

  • Excellent time - very well done!

  • Nice run Saul - runs on days like that are often so needed!

  • So true, I enjoy running more in those situations. A perfect 30 mins of me time.

  • Well done Saul that's a good solid run and with the wind to contend with too you must be feeling great. I am pretty much at the same stage as you have graduated and contemplating first park run in a few weeks, looking forward to it but some anxiety as won,t have Laura on side!

    Can I ask, what running app are you using as your display looks so clear and concise ?

    Keep running and enjoying !

  • Hello There,

    Thank you very much. Have you had any runs without Laura yet?

    I am using Map my run, a freebie both on Android and IOS. It works really well and allows you to set it up in many ways. There are others like Strava, Runkeeper as well.

  • Good work Saul! A run after a bad day is always a good idea. It really helps to ditch the cares of the day as you get some fresh air blowing round your brain

    Run for enjoyment too. Don't let it be all about the stats. This is fun!


  • Hello misswobble,

    Thank you. I totally agree, a run after a bad day is the perfect cure. Now just it need it to pour down :) .

    The training is now over, and the fun really begins now. Just needed to benchmark a clear 5K for myself. The stats will be excluded in future posts, and just a few write ups. Hopefullly will move over to the Bridge to 10K forum in a while :) .

  • wow that's quick, well done! I graduated in September and yesterday was my first run sub 7min/km!

  • Well done on your first post graduation 5K. That is a good time too. You'll probably knock a 2-3 minutes off that over the coming weeks :)

  • The journey to 10k is a fun challenge. You need to be fit for it though. More strength and Stamina required. To some extent you get stronger as you go but I would look at healthy eating and greater levels of strengthening work. Upper body as well as the usual. 10% progression per week rule applied and off you go. I used, and still use, the free sami murphy bridge to 10k podcasts.

  • It will be a wee while before I jump onto the 10k wagon. I also hit the gym and swimming once a week, hoping this will all gel together as time goes on.

    For now though it's getting used to 5k runs, and get some parkruns under my belt.

  • Good going! The way to go!

  • Well done - very respectable time too!

  • Well done running buddy! Just catching up on the posts from yesterday! That's a superb time on your first Laura free run! I think you are doing great!

    Onward and upward. I just pm'd you!

    Elsie xxx

  • hey run bud.. I feel all grown up now running solo. Problem now is knowing where/when to u-turn and start heading homewards.

  • Brilliant time for your first 5k! And against the wind too!!

  • Thanks Jeleybelly

    Hopefully it won't be too bad tomorrow night.

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