Self-discipline brings rewards! I missed this buzz!

Self-discipline brings rewards! I missed this buzz!

I'm so chuffed right now. I'd planned to go for a run this morning, having slacked off recently for various reasons (blisters, dark evenings, etc.) I really wanted to just have "a good morning run" to get me back on track. I've just been going to parkrun every week recently, and while I like the atmosphere, it's not the most beautiful run ever!

So I got up with some effort at 7am. Went in bathroom, looked out window - FOGGIEST FOG EVER. Very demoralising and it really wasn't what I had been looking forward to. So, a few minutes later, I got back into bed and said to my partner "I'm not going. It's too foggy", thinking I would go out tonight instead (but not relishing that prospect either as it would be dark and I like running in light!). As the words came out of my mouth, I grumbled to myself, reconsidered and then jumped out of bed again. "No! Changed my mind! I'm going!"

And as I was running, it turned into the most beautiful, sunny morning. I take this as the universe telling me I made the right decision :) I did the Stamina podcast and I got into quite a roll in the end, it was just one of those runs that feels great! I started thinking "maybe I could do 10K one day" - ha!

My mind boggles at how many beautiful sunrises I have missed in the past, in bed pressing "Snooze" too many times, before I discovered running!

Not going to parkrun on Saturday so I am going to do another sole run at the weekend and I can't wait! Fingers crossed for more sunshine! I feel like I've got a bit of my mojo back today :)

PS. To any UKers - did anyone else hear Chris Evans and Vassos on Radio 2 Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning, waxing lyrical about running (they were auctioning off a running experience for Children In Need to listeners)? It brought a smile to my face.


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13 Replies

  • No, I missed that!

    Never duck out of a run, just do it, mindlessly. You'll always be glad you did.

    There will be times when you can't run due to injury or illness, and that's purgatory

  • Completely agree with never ducking out of a run. Today should be a non-run day for me but I'm working at home and had the time to squeeze in a run this morning and feel great for it.

  • Thanks misswobble! I was good at never ducking out of runs during C25K but since I've started finding excuses. But hopefully I'm turning over a new leaf now, starting today!

  • Yes, I just caught the end of the chat about running on R2 but didn't quite hear what it was about, thanks.

    Funny how it goes, but thoughts always seem worse than it actually is, so when I do get out, I more times than not think what was that all about? I'm liking this. Must be that built-in reaction called anxiety that messes things up. Something I have had a real problem with, but have been managing it quite well recently..😉

  • Hi Dave, good to hear the gremlins aren't getting the better of you, I agree they can be a nightmare. I really stuck to my plan during C25K but I've been a bit "goal-less" recently and I think that's been the problem. I'm going to enter my first race soon if I can I think, that should give me something to keep me motivated!

  • Yay!! I went out on a rainy evening tonight but by the time I got home the sun came out just in time for a beautiful sunset.

  • Yes! The universe was pleased with you too! :) Well done

  • How fabulous! Thanks for sharing this. Last night I really did not want to go out but my son had walked the dogs for me and then went out with his friends and there was NO excuse- and it was hard work but I felt great having done it! I would much prefer to run in the daylight but somehow I don't have time in the mornings with dog-walking duties and then travelling to work, so I had to shift to evenings - bleugh! I'm getting the hang of it now, though, and it really helps with meal choices after a run! :)

  • Well done, I'm glad we both got out there and did it! When I was doing C25K I always ran in the evenings after work (and once at weekends), I can't normally run on weekday mornings but I've recently been allowed to work one day per week at home (lucky, I know) and this is now one officially 'a run day'! I'm just trying to run in the light as much as I can as I much prefer it - for scenery and for feeling safe! But as I say I have been slacking off completely recently so hopefully today's effort will get me back on track.

    If you're not able to run in daylight during the week, I hope you manage to at least find one daylight session at weekends?

  • Yey! Well done Sarah. I saw you mention the other day that you were losing your running mojo ..looks like you got it back! I thought the exact same thing .. how many times at the weekends I've been shuffling around in my dressing gown trying to ease in to the day - when it's gorgeous and invigorating if you get out and run!!!

  • Thanks Rachel! Nice to hear you've been feeling the same :)

  • Hi Sarah, I thought your first goal was to do 5k under 30 mins. Did you get there?

  • You're right Dave, that was my goal - but I've realised it might take a while now (!) Currently at around 33-34 minutes and have been for a few weeks, not been able to trim the time down much yet (but that is probably because I've not been running so often since I graduated). That is still definitely a goal but I like the idea of entering something, I need something with a definite date I think! :) Either that or starting to work towards 10K, but I want to have a physio check-up on my running gait before I do that!

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