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Norn Iron...surely I am not the only one?

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Morning all!

Having read all your wonderful posts for 6 weeks I am beginning to think that I am the only person on here from Northern Ireland. Yes, I have seen the odd mention of south of this beautiful island but none from my part of the country.

Am I all alone? Will I bump into someone from here on a park run? Will I get to comment on how a photo of steps reminds me of ones on the North Antrim Coast? I do hope so...

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I think I'm the only c25k-er in Lebanon, so can empathise with your feeling of geographical isolation. At least you get Parkruns in your part of the world though.

But it's a great community here and I *think* I've read posts about running shops in Northern Ireland, so hopefully you'll find that you're not alone.

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Morning :) Hopefully you're not and I'm sure I've read posts mentioning norther Ireland. Hopefully you'll find them and can meet up on a park run soon ;)?

Hello. I'm originally from Norn Iron but have lived in England for 30 years! I have run back home a few times when I've visited my folks. The scenery is quite stunning isn't it? I'm sure there are others here from the green country. Good luck and enjoy the programme.

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I have been in the North east of france for 20 years but I am from the North west of England.

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I was born in the South East, brought up in the North East and live in the South West........of England.......this is not what you want to hear, is it? ..............but don't forget we are all one big running community here!!!

Keep running, keep smiling.

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I'm here in good ol' Norn Iron! Though Belfast based rather than the North Coast. Happy running - I'm hoping to get up to run on Downhill beach at some stage (I love it). I'm not a regular poster but I comment every now and then. There's definitely someone from Newry direction too, as I commented on a question about running shops a while back, and a few Belfast people who don't seem to post any more. Not sure how far you're on with the programme but I saw this the other day might be a nice challenge in your part of the world?


Thanks all for the replies... There's 2 of us at least! I have faith that others will emerge from the shadows...

Newbie. I'm tackling w5r3 tomorrow. I'm just a tad off the 10k yet. I have however signed up for the Colour Run in Belfast in August. I signed up before I even started the programme to give me something to work towards. And I do like the idea of a good party afterwards!!!


Another one from Northern Ireland so that makes 3! Sorry I am near Newry but just wanted to add you are not alone.

Just finish Wk5 run 1 which I completed but struggled with not looking forward to runs 2 and 3.

PS NewbieRunner it was me you helped with the runner shops! Thanks again.

Hey run mum run... I have only just noticed your post. Apologies!

3 of us from NI!! Wow!! Whoop whoop!! I will have to start recruiting !

How did you get on with w5?

Completed Wk5 r3 today!!!! Have to say really struggled with run 3 but got through it, just. How about you? How did your run go?

Run 2 was fine, passed without incident. Run 3 I pretty much jacked in after 8 minutes. Just decided I wouldn't be able to do it and went home!! How very like me yet unlike the c25k me! I gave myself a good talking to and went out the next day and completed it but it was tough. I had to walk to take my jacket off as I was too warm and this makes me feel like I cheated. So I didn't experience the euphoria that do many do after completing this run. W6R1 yesterday... Really enjoyable and a relief after w5r3. I'm not looking forward to the end of w6. If I remember correctly it's good bye intervals and hello burning calves!!! Good luck with w6 and remember to enjoy it ! X

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