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W8R2 Complete, am I meant to Ben enjoying this?!


So yesterday I completed week 8, run 2. I actually got to the end and wanted to keep going so I did 4km in 30:22. I feel like I’ve fluked the whole programme though. It took me 3 attempts of this run to get it done, and I felt like it was so much of a struggle. From talking to other runners, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Each run is a struggle for me. I can’t wait to get it done, and I don’t particularly enjoy any of it. I count down in my head for the last 6 minutes religiously. I don’t know if there will come a time when something will just click and it’ll become easier?

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Will there come a time? I don’t know.

But what I do know is you keep coming back and doing it even though you don’t enjoy it. That takes commitment.

Most of my runs have been a struggle, mainly against mind gremlins. Lately they have eased (way to jinx yourself, Jay!) and I think that is linked with increased confidence that I can run further than the run I am doing.

Reaching 5k was a big deal for me - too big a deal - and now as I am mainly running 4k I don’t fear not completing “cos you can do 5k”. It makes no sense but it’s working for me!

All I can say is that I hope you come to enjoy it. I wouldn’t be able to keep doing something I disliked for this long.

Some part of you must be getting something back or you would’ve stopped. I wonder what it is.

Got this run myself this evening, R1 was probably the toughest one yet so I’m not looking forward to this one either.

Given you kept going onto past 30 mins it can’t have been been that bad? How come it was 3 attempts on this run?

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I’m not sure, I think the first two I probably didn’t have enough of a rest before attempting them. I play field hockey too and trying to squeeze in runs with having a break and playing and training can sometimes be tricky, so I try to push them in without having as much of a break as I’m meant to sometimes. I do think it’s mind over matter though. My lungs feel fine, it’s just sometimes my legs feel like they’re going to give out.. especially at the bottom of a large hill I’m due to run up!

Well it depends to an extent on what you wanted out of the programme. Was it enjoyment you were after? Pretty much all training programmes that get you from

A to B do so by the principle of progressive overload. You get better by always doing something a bit harder than you did before. Pushing beyond your limits is seldom enjoyable per se. I LOVE training, but if I ever find myself ‘enjoying’ it in the moment it is a sure sign I am not trying hard enough.


I also did week 8 run 2 yesterday, and like you I found it tough. But we’re increasing the time that we’re running every week, so it’s bound to be hard, because we’re always doing something that we've never done before. It won’t always be like this though, and if you’ve got this far you must have what it takes to succeed. Only 4 more runs - keep going!


I graduated a couple of weeks ago & I struggled with W9 & I’ve been struggling ever since & I love & have always loved running. In my opinion- it’s the weather - I’ve never been good in the heat. I think what Jay said is right (he’s very wise) you are doing brilliantly just getting out there even tho you are not enjoying it that much. It’s flipping tough out there right now in this heat. You’ve come so far - keep going & then maybe re-evaluate when you’ve graduated & see how you feel. Maybe take a couple of days between runs as well.

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