Restart of week 5

Hi fellow C2K'ers,

Well I went out yesterday after a week off due to back pain. I thought I'd go back to week 5 and start again, but this time try and not run by slamming my heels down. A friend suggested that I'm running on my heels and that might be causing back pain?? I tried really hard to place my feet lightly on the ground with my soles and not heels. It was hard work but I got round. Day off today and hopefully back out tomorrow if the back pain stays away.

Has anyone got any tips/advice/experience regarding running on heels and back pain please?

Thanks All.


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  • Actively think about your posture while running โ€“ one of the major causes of back pain while running is inappropriate posture โ€“ You my find you are either leaning forward whilst running or running with you back slightly twisted

    i take it you've done the basics of checking your shoes - if they're the wrong sort for you or they've done too many miles then that may be the cause.

  • Hi there; I don't know if heel strike causes back pain but its certainly much more uncomfortable than landing on the balls of your feet. Your foot should strike the ground beneath you, and your shoulders should be back and down, arms relaxed at 90 degrees and hands not clenched tight; head should be balanced and chin nit sticking forward, and you should be looking ahead not down at your feet! Try to avoid heel strike it is much more jarring than landing on the balls of your feet - good luck!

  • Someone once wrote on here that you should try and run like an assassin, lighting lightly upon your feet as if you're sneaking up on someone. It's tough though - I'm really heavy on my heels as well.

  • Try making the length of your stride shorter. I'd always associated running with stretching out your legs - wrong, wrong, wrong! You need short steps to make them light steps. This will make it easier for you foot to land underneath you. You may still heel strike, but it will be a lot less jarring.

  • Thanks so much to Davelinks, Rainshine, Runswithdogs and Agedsnailspace, for your helpful advice and support. Yes trainers are good, I bought them from Sweatshop after being put through my paces on the running machine with different pairs. I'm trying the palms up method for my hands that someone suggested and concentrating on placing my feet correctly. I went out this morning and it felt easier on my feet, but will definitely think about posture. Running into the wind was a bit of a challenge, but felt great to have got round.

    Thanks everyone.

  • brilliant! one other thing- how's your core strength? lower back pain can be caused by lack of core strength. in non technical terms, your stomach muscles help support your back. Thinking about having a strong band (of muscle) around your middle when running helps you to 'engage' those muscles to support your back. Exercises to strengthen the core- or indeed pilates which does this excellently- will help :)

  • OK thanks, yes I understand what your saying. I've never been very good at pilates, but maybe I should have another go. Thanks for your support!

  • For me I struggle to find the time. If you can manage some form of the dreaded 'plank' that would help!

  • Oh right! Yes I've done that a few years ago, the plank it is then. I'll let you know how I get on. Have a great day.

  • Give yoga a go. It really works on core muscles and when you're done you feel great and stretched out and relaxed. I do Dru yoga and find it helps with posture, joints and breathing. It seems to help with attitude as well because this second time around for C25k I am much more forgiving of myself which seems to help me onwards. I've just completed week 3 which I know is early days, but last time round when I was in my fifties, every outing was a trial. I only enjoyed myself when I got back home again! I'm in my sixties now, but the outings are far less onerous and I am genuinely looking forward to week 4. It's all zen you see! But yoga is good, give it a go.

  • Thanks OT for your advice regarding yoga, I used to do it years ago so yes maybe I should start again. I'm in the wonderful 60's as well and chuffed to be out there, even though I'm not as speedy as I'd like!

  • Yeah I'm built for comfort, not speed these days, but I'm optimistic that completing this lot will streamline this sofa, and make it faster!!๐Ÿ˜…

  • I like it!!! Good for you. :-)

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