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I Love Running

I did a 4k run this morning through a lovely wooded track.

It took me 40 minutes.

There were even some of these awful (four letter words beginning with H) involved.

For each up H*** there was a lovely down H***.

I had a great run.

Weather was "Scotch Mist" , a very light rain all the way and it was lovely.

My gadgets all worked perfectly for a change too.

I then walked 2 miles to where I keep my horses, pottered about with them for an hour or so

and then ran home through the woods for about threequarters of a mile.

I`m typing now with a glass of cabernet sauvignon and I`m very pleased with myself. :)

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Sounds fab! :)


Lovely day! I like the idea of running to see your horses!!


well done sounds like a lovely run.


Sounds wonderful. The run, the wood, the horses and the wine!


Its runs like this that keep us going when it all gets a bit tough. Great run... great day!


That sounds perfect, well done.


Thanks for all your reply`s folks.

I`m still on a high after yesterdays run and am not too sore either :)

This site is the first place I come after my runs for either a pat on the back, encouragement or sympathy when things aren`t going so well.


Not sure if you get snow in the winter time where you are but if you do you have a wonderful treat to look forward to. Snow on the trees while running through forest tracks the birds (blackbirds, robins, thrush etc) all singing at the top of their voices as daylight breaks and if you are lucky enough as I was to come across roe deer too, well that was the icing on the cake for me. I'll bet your horses will love seeing you too. Enjoy your runs it sounds fabulous.


That sounds just lovely Oldgirl.

Last winter was pretty mild but the two previous ones were like Narnia up here.

I see 3 or 4 roe deer most mornings in winter on my way to do horses before work.:)

I`m not in too much of a hurry for winter though.


Brilliant :) I hate those bloomin H****! :)


I`ve mostly avoided them so far but if I want to do a wee funrun or parkrun then I have to give them a go.

Does anyone know of any 5k`s, all downh*** or flat? :)


Living in Cambridge I get to run on a fairly flat route. The local Park Run will probably also be pretty flat. Will let you know when I've done it!


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