Week5 started!

Hi all, just wanted to get a bit of feedback from the group . I'm doing the run today w5 r1 which I'm mighty pleased about as I have only got as far as week 3 previously.

My query is that I'm running ( slow jogging actually) at the same pace all the time. Is this ok? I feel as if I'm building stamina as heart and lungs are given a good workout, but am I getting the full benefit if I go at the same pace all the time?

Thanks and look forward to your helpful responses x


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8 Replies

  • You are doing absolutely the right thing. Take it slow and aim for the time spent running, not speed. That really does come much later and happens naturally, although you can work on this post C25K with other podcasts. You are much more likely to avoid injury if you try to take it easy at this stage. Sounds like it's going well. Good luck!😀

  • Thanks 👍

  • Of course you are, well done & keep it up.

  • 😀👣👣👣😇

  • As Sandra says: you are doing exactly the right thing.

    In general when running, keeping an even pace is the best way to go. It's perhaps arguable that it should be an even _effort_ (so maybe slower on hills etc) but that's a detail really. Pacing yourself evenly will leave you fresher and less likely to injure yourself for your first few (dozen) long runs.

    Way down the line - when you have graduated and been running steadily for a few months to allow your body to adapt - there is some benefit in "intervals", where you run faster for a bit and then slower for a bit to recover. However, that's much more stressful on your body (which is why it provokes you to improve beyond a steady run) and you really don't need extra stress on your body right now!

    Keep it steady and you'll carry on making great progress - well done!


  • Thanks Ugi !

  • Yep - absolutely. We always advise people to take it slow and steady. Sounds as if you are doing just fine!

  • I'm pleased to get such positive responses so Thankyou Lillyrunner!

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