The end of a beautiful relationship

It was my last official date with Laura today, on W9 R2, since I'll be graduating at the local Parkrun on Saturday. On my journey I have noticed a few things of interest (to me anyway)

My friends and family have been amazed that I started this, stuck to it, and can now run given the reputation I had for being stationary (apart from occasional Morris Dancing). Once when I left a job my colleagues adopted me a Sloth from the local zoo as a leaving present.

My legs have really toned up, and feel solid. Unfortunately my belly has still to shrink, but I've come to terms with looking like a dayglo jelly supported on twiglets as I run round the village.

I need to move house - living at the high point in my village every run is uphill on the home stretch.

Once you get into running gear and get moving then people treat you as a runner, cos you are.

The guys at Parkrun have been really encouraging, but I wouldn't be there without Laura & C25k, and I wouldn't have stuck it without lurking on this forum to read everyone else's journey. You've all been awesome - thanks.

I now need a new avatar photo - maybe of me at a Parkrun in my C25k graduate running shirt?

Happy running all.

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  • Well done for getting through this. Very useful life lessons - you now need a faster totem animal - cheetah? I love your dayglo jelly description - made me laugh in rueful recognition - perhaps you are running so fast now you are entering the Twiglet Zone.

    Good luck with graduation on Saturday. You should be very proud of yourself.

  • No no, it's only the beginning - lots of adventures to share ahead! Good luck with graduation.

  • Fantastic, great way to graduate with a parkrun!!!!!! My tummy is shrinking slowly and weight coming off gradually but definitely breathing and heart are brilliant, takes a while for the outside to reflect our fitness improvements! Photo of parkrun definitely needs to b shared!! Julie ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Enjoy Parkrun and good luck with your continued journey.

  • Don't leave Laura behind forever. Those early weeks make for great interval training if you run the run bits and jog the walk bits :)

  • Well done DK! You could still run with Laura! She has some spiffing post C25k podcasts that she made a while back. Called Stepping Stones they are a set of 3 podcasts and are excellent for taking you running to the next level.

    They are downloadable from here, for free!

  • Ha ha ! I love this post :-)

    Good Luck for Saturday ! :-) xxx

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