Whoops - this wouldn't have happened a year ago!

Whoops - this wouldn't have happened a year ago!

Well according to the local rag it seems I'm running in the Great Manchester Run - and for once perhaps one should believe what one reads in the paper. Anyway, even though this major piece of International News may have been eclipsed by a minor election it would not have been in a newspaper a year ago. This year has seen me go from a non-runner to a well erm... sort of runner. It has been a wonderful journey and I'm now more worried about where I'm going to park in Manchester tomorrow more than whether I will complete the 10K! Having had an injury free 9 months these last 4 weeks have have see all sort of IT band niggles but I doubt I shall feel any of them once the adreneline kicks in :)

I just want to thank everyone who has been so supportive and helpful on this forum and I have made many new friends on this site. I want to thank all those who have donanted to the charity I am running for as well - you are real stars :)

Paula Radcliffe has promised not to overtake me so my only competition now is Poppypug who I'm hoping to meet over by the Alzheimers Research UK plot in the Charity VIllage after the race for a photo opportunity as well as a cuppa and banter :) Any other C25Kers who are running, see if you can make it too.

Once again thank-you - this realy wouldn't have happened a year ago. XX

PS Good luck to Aliboo who is doing a slow run (called a walk), across the Isle of White for charity - go for it ma chere :) x

Right I'm off to charge up all the gizmo's, my gps watch, iPhone, bluetooth headphones, jetpack... :))


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69 Replies

  • Ooh we have a celebrity in our midst! How fabulous Runon that you're in the papers! Have an absolutely fabulous run and how lucky are you that you get to meet our very own lovely poppypug.

    I really look forward to the run report and photos. xxx

  • Oh thanks Irish Princess - the photoshoot could be longer than the run - Poppypug has a tremendously long list of 'riders' and only allows her left profile to be photographed - plus no direct eye contact - but I'm sure we'll muddle through. In truth Poppers is the real celebrity and between you and me I'm a little over-awed :) xxx

  • Thank you xxx

    Good Luck O'HRH for your 10k tomorrow . Blimey, theres loads of us running our little socks off tomorrow . Go Team C25k ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastico Poppers - Good luck to you and see you in the VIP Lounge for Après Run!

    PS I'm thinking long socks perhaps? XXX

  • Good Luck to you too ! Yes definitely long socks , you gotta look after those calfs xxx

  • Thank you poppy.

    You be good for that nice man tomorrow mind and don't forget your jelly babies. Have a fabulous day. xxx

  • Thank you , your Maj :-)

    I will be on my best behaviour tomorrow, promise :-)

    Jelly babies and Midget Gems all present and correct .

    Looking forward to seeing your pics and bling tomorrow xxx

  • Oooo how fabby. Wishing you the very best of luck for tomorrow. Try to remember to enjoy it &I look forward to the pic of you & poppypug with your bling & reading the run report. ☺

  • I will certainly enjoy it Noaky12 and thank you - and although I suspect I have been a little apprehensive now I'm just raring to go - after all it's not everyday one meets a Poppypug in the flesh so to speak - Do you think one should bow? :))

  • Oh most definately! Perhaps even a courtsey may be required..... 😆

  • I shall go for the bow - I think, One Only Curtsies In Capris ! :)

  • Ha ha , oh yes ! :-D xxx

  • Sir, you are a C25K inspiration, and I salute you! Good luck tomorrow.

  • Many thanks Sandra - so long as it's not one of those gladiator salutes: 'We who are about... salute you" :)) I'm very much looking forward to it, thank you for your support. :)

  • You get my vote!! Have a good one.

  • Many thanks IannoadaTruffe - I think they're operating a 'first past the post' system but I hope to be in a majority!

  • Exciting!!!!!!!! All the best wishes :) :) :)

  • Many thanks Goonkeepgoing - indeed it it very exciting - 39,997 people turning up just to pace Me and Poppers and Spiky! Amazing!!! Or should that be Poppers, Spikey and I? :)

  • How exciting ! I do hope you have a great run and enjoy the day. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  • Ah - thanks Henpen. really excited about it now - I have never run late morning before so no idea when or what to eat - might stop at a restaurant half way round the course! :)

  • have a great day Runon :D you will rock it :D

  • Many thanks 'Not So Slow Rob!' How did you know I'd picked the Spotify 'Rock Run' for my iPod?!!!

  • hmmm just luck by the look of it :)

  • Whoa ! Look at you ! - You made it into the papers ! :-)

    I am still waiting for my people to get back to me with an increased offer from " Hello " Magazine , but I am very tempted by the offer from " People's Friend " .

    For a 12 page exclusive , they are offering a years loan of a electric mobility scooter, surgical stockings and one of those marvellous gadgets that open lids on jars of pickled onions and jams , so , after serious consideration I think Im going to go with them :-)

    Well, here we are, Pre-Runon and the nerves and excitement are kicking in big-stylee :-)

    Whod've thought that a year ago , we would be here hey ? And I agree, everyone on here has been absolutely amazing xxx

    I will see you tomorrow , my friend . Really looking forward to it , and dont be over-awed, Im just Poppy from the block ha ha :-

    We will have a lovely cuppa tea and the "Bants" :-)

    Oh we're going to have looaaads of pics taken with our bling ! :-) xxx

  • Yeah - Bring on the Bling. I wouldn't worry too much about magazine rights - the the film option is what we should be looking at - when they make the movie of our run - the true story of how a poor chap who works on the check-out at Morrison's and a Duchess with a country seat in Northern England overcome all odds to run in the GMR against a background of class-war and the morality of running on Sundays. Yes I can see it now...

    So just have to decide which running shoes, top, and shorts or Robin Hoods, and which colour watch-strap, long or short socks, and then we're away - look forward to seeing you :)) xxx

  • Yes a film !!! Fab !!! Are we playing cameo roles ? If not , I want Angelina Jolie to play me , and Brad can play you . Hmmm , who would be the director though ?

    Do you know anyone ? :-) xxx

  • Nah - I wouldn't know any Directors - terrible chaps - loud, egotistical, self-centred, un-charismatic, indecisive, indolent and always falling about at parties, but I suppose if we must then Chris Nolan or Ridley. Brad says he'd love to do it but can't run further than 2K and he only does that to impress Tom C who's auditioning for the Hobbit VI and isn't available either. So it's Michael Fassbender for me and as Angelina can't do it because she's baby-sitting - it's Naomi Rapace for you - who's got great calves for the running scenes :) The FIlm which sees our dastardly opponents cheating by taking a taxi for most of the run will be called 'Charriots For Hire' :) xxx

  • Ha ha ! Brilliant, Love it ! :-)

    Bit disappointed about Angelina babysitting , she must need the money.

    Hmmm , Naomi , at a push, she'll do I suppose. She will have to get her act together though, these are big shoes to fill ! :-) Ha ha .

    Oooh Michael Fassbender, that well known elite athelete.

    Yep, it'll work, its a wrap :-) xxx

  • Fame! Good luck to both you and Poppypug! Enjoy the cake afterwards!

  • How did you know about the cake? - oh dear I have just come back from a party and had two huge slices :)) X

  • You'll just have to run faster tomorrow :-D xxx

  • Heavens dear Poppers I can hardly walk let alone run faster :)) xxx

  • Thank you so much Ully xxx

    Definitely looking forward to a pint pot o' tea and a sticky bun after :-) xxx

  • Will look out for you on the TV tomorrow morning - have a great run and enjoy yourself.

  • Many thanks c4ts - I hope you spot me - sometimes I can look a little like Paula Radcliffe - obviously I'm much faster though!! :))

  • All the best!!!

  • Thank you ViaM - Poppers is going to help push me along :)

  • Ah that's a FAB read, best of luck to the both of you! :-)

  • Many thanks 'Notbad' - with Poppers about we'll have all the luck in the World - lets just hope there are no shops selling running shoes on the route!!! :)

  • Thank you NB xxx

    I was just wondering about you the other day and wondering how you were. Hope all is well with you :-) xxx

  • I'm well thanks poppy, but injured at the moment and itching to run!

  • Ah sorry to hear that NB, what is it ? xxx

  • Calf strain, just a case of a good long rest, driving me crazy though. Just read your two posts on GMR (getting my running fix vicariously!), wonderful read and fab photos - sounds like a great day. x

  • Aw , hope you feel good to go , soon . I know how you feel , you must be chomping at the bit to get out there xxx

    Yes, thankyou,it was a brilliant day. Cant wait for the next one :-) xxx

  • Hey Notbad - hope you are running again soon - come and do Manchester next year - Poppers is throwing a party after the race (she just doesn't know it yet). :)

  • Ha ha ! I'm keeping my eye on you Runon :-)

    There ain't no party like a Poppypug Party :-) xxx

  • Ah - thought I'd get a way with sneaking that one in :) Won't mention it again...


    Whoops sorry :))


  • :-) :-D

  • Ha ha ! Ah, but Chez Pug is exceptionally small as I live in a shoebox at side o'road .

    I will hire the Hilton and hang the expense ha ha :-D xxx

  • That GMEX place will hold a couple of us - couple of thousand that is. :)) xxx

  • Oh yeah , yes that is ideal. I thought that was a really good meeting place that. Did you leave your bag there ? xxx

  • No dear Poppers - I left my bag on the NO.5 Bag Bus in Spittlefields - I started to get on only to be stopped with 'Noooo - you can't get on without a number!'. I took my number out of my bag and presented it to her - I got on - it was empty - I said can I change here - ooooh no said the lady - could get crowded - " 'ealth an' safety!" - so I got off the empty double decker bus and changed in the street - got back on the empty bus and deposited my bag next to the other 2 bags. I returned after the race looking to find the predicted long line of people fighting for their possessions - there were none - I got on board to find just 3 bags. I was tempted to ask if I could change on the bus but I could guess the dear Ladies response before i could open my mouth... :) xxx

  • Oh no, what a palaver !

    Oh what a shame , if Id've known you were having such a faff ,you couldve put your stuff in our car xxx

    Not to worry, we will all be more aware of whats what next year , things will run much more smoothly, promise xxx

    I meant to ask you, what was that stamp on your hand ? What was that all about ? xxx

  • That was from the Rave I'd been to before the run.

    Nooooo silly - the Bus Lady had to stamp my hand - must be something to do with health and safety and National Security.

    Yes now we've done a run we will have a beter idea of what to do :) xxx

  • Ha ha ! Blimey, the worlds gone mad ! :-)

    Oooh I forgot to tell you, saw Paddy McGuiness yesterday. He was sat in this massive White 4 x 4 at the lights, and there was all these people stood in front of his car taking photos with their phones .

    They must've thought that you were in there too , hence the crowds :-) xxx

  • Fab, fab, fab! You and pops will be great tomorrow, you'll be buzzing for ages afterwards. Good luck and above all enjoy!


  • Thank you muchly Madge - yes I'm really amazed that I am actually doing this - these things are landmarks in our lives and well worth the effort just for the memories :)X

  • Thank you Madge !

    Yes , I dont think that I will ever forget this one ! :-D xxx

  • Hi there my dear Ru-Non! Magnifique! You and poppy , what a team! :) Non stop laughs i reckon! it will be fantastic for you to meet up, and spiky too, for a great debrief(NO pun intended!!) of your great day at the Great Manchester Run! might well have to try for that one next year, remember watching it on telly last year, have it on "record" for tomorrow, so don't forget to wave!!!!

    i'm off for my pasta now, feet up before tomorrow!!!!!!

    go team C25K!!! :) :) :)

    for you, if it works!! :)


  • Bien Sûr - Brilliant - thank you Aliboo - Good luck with the Walk The Wight 2015 for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice iwhospice.org/walk-the-wigh... Have a wonderful time and good luck :) X

    PS Yes indeed - no de-briefing puns allowed :))

  • thats pants, no de briefing jokes!!!! :(

    Bonne chance ru-non! :)

  • Bugger , it doesn't! :( it said GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RACE BRO!!

  • Good luck Runon, enjoy the day!

  • Thank you Old Git - I am raring to go (or is that roaring?) :)

  • Oh I am so excited ! Barely slept a wink last night ...,

    It feels like Christmas Day !!!

    Let's do this thang ! :-) xxxx

  • How brilliant Poppers - I trying to decide what to have for breakfast - possibly devilled kidneys, black pudding and fried eggs? :)

    I have just noticed that we start some time after the elite runners - now given that they've done this before and have the advantage how on earth are we supposed to catch them up? I think it's cheating but I shall keep quiet about it. Wow this is fun. I slept like a log but then I've been told I could sleep through an earthquake! :) xxx

  • Go team C25K !!! as a fellow - Manc I am especially proud and inspired - maybe next year! Go enjoy and do yourselves and us proud!

  • We will see you next year Northern Spirit and thank you. I'm actually closer to being a Scouser than a Manc - but I am happy to be an honorary Manc for the day :))

  • I'm the opposite....and maybe a rare Liverpool loving Mancunian. Go smash it! How exciting :)

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