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I did it! Yay! Completed C25K. Galloway?

I finally completed C25K on Friday. Actually C24K, lol and it took me 11weeks as I got a bit stuck on week7.

I am so grateful to all of you on this forum, though I was a lurker, I read the blogs and questions EVERYDAY. More addictive than Facebook! The advice and encouragement on here was and still are awesome.

I turned 40 in March, never would have called myself a runner and actually struggled on the last run of w1d1, BUT now have managed a few 4K runs and gone and entered a 10K in October! Go me! Still need to be courageous and try out my local Parkrun but I had a peep at their results and I think I will need to get my skates on as the times are 17 - 35mins!

Can't wait for the new podcasts but started a Jeff Galloway 10K program in the meantime (this morning!). Has anyone tried this?

Thanks Laura, C25K and all the lovely people on here.


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LOL...yes, I knew I was hooked when I started checking C25K to see how everyone was doing before I signed into FB.

Best of luck in you stop in and let us know how you get along...


get your badge, runsusyrun, and display it with pride :) Well done and enjoy your running. There are others here on the Galloway 10k. Check the tagged blogs and see what you can find


GO for the parkrun .. so what if you are slow or last ... you might do another "timid" runner a favour by recording a less intimidating time ... also parkrun has a strange effect: I cover the ground much faster on a parkrun compared to when I'm out on my own


Well done and I definitely recommend the park run if it's close to you.


Awesome job! Congrats on a wonderful achievement!


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