I did it! Yay! Completed C25K. Galloway?

I finally completed C25K on Friday. Actually C24K, lol and it took me 11weeks as I got a bit stuck on week7.

I am so grateful to all of you on this forum, though I was a lurker, I read the blogs and questions EVERYDAY. More addictive than Facebook! The advice and encouragement on here was and still are awesome.

I turned 40 in March, never would have called myself a runner and actually struggled on the last run of w1d1, BUT now have managed a few 4K runs and gone and entered a 10K in October! Go me! Still need to be courageous and try out my local Parkrun but I had a peep at their results and I think I will need to get my skates on as the times are 17 - 35mins!

Can't wait for the new podcasts but started a Jeff Galloway 10K program in the meantime (this morning!). Has anyone tried this?

Thanks Laura, C25K and all the lovely people on here.


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  • Congratulations!

    LOL...yes, I knew I was hooked when I started checking C25K to see how everyone was doing before I signed into FB.

    Best of luck in you 10K...do stop in and let us know how you get along...

  • get your badge, runsusyrun, and display it with pride :) Well done and enjoy your running. There are others here on the Galloway 10k. Check the tagged blogs and see what you can find

  • GO for the parkrun .. so what if you are slow or last ... you might do another "timid" runner a favour by recording a less intimidating time ... also parkrun has a strange effect: I cover the ground much faster on a parkrun compared to when I'm out on my own

  • Well done and I definitely recommend the park run if it's close to you.

  • Awesome job! Congrats on a wonderful achievement!

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