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The Monster is Slain (in one direction anyway)

I have spent a couple of years on and off trying to run and not getting anywhere. Then I discovered c25k, some local rail tracks which have been converted to trails and began following Laura and reading the blogs on this site.

In the past I have tried to run the 'square' that takes me from my village to the edge of the next and is the only continuous distance (4.85km according to Nike+) where there are pavements to run on and which is safe for running in the dark. I've never got anywhere near running all the way round it as there is no part of it that is flat. There is one 0.5k section that is uphill all the way going from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 near the top! Yes I could reverse and run this part down hill, and I have, but that means there is a long section of continuous uphill which is just as difficult as it is long and it goes up in steps (and, this is probably the killer, is a lot more public). Well tonight I shuffled up the monster and kept going - so all I have to do now is complete the shuffle in the opposite direction and the monster will be well and truly vanquished.

What a brilliant way to finish w7.

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Good for you. A victory for all those who have nowhere flat to run. :-)


Steep hills and converted railway tracks - it sounds like you're talking about Derbyshire! Well done for vanquishing that monster hill - keep going!


Got it in one. When it's dark enough I'm going to do it the opposite way round- another couple of weeks I guess. May even take the bull by the horns and make it my graduation run!


Not the Tissington Trail, by any chance? Or the High Peak? I use those!


Afraid not I'm using the Silverhill/Five Pits Trail over to the east . I'm in the north east Derbyshire area a few miles outside the Peak.


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