Woo hoo I'm back!

Woo hoo I'm back!

I have (as you may recall) been having issues with a tendon behind my right knee. Well today, I decided that it had improved enough for me to go for a run. I was sore at first, but by the end of my 4.2k, it didn't hurt at all. Couple that to a new route that worked and I had a great run (despite the fact it was dark at 5:30pm). I'm feeling happy and more relaxed than I was before going out. Hurrah!

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  • It's the best feeling when you realise you can run again :) Hope you stay off the couch ;)

  • Thank you ridingstar!

  • :) welcome back

  • Thank you! I'm glad to be back!

  • Well done. I had 3 weeks out with knee problems after W3. It's great when you can run again isn't it?

  • Yeah, it's great to be back. Thanks!

  • You'll be fine. I'm doing a half marathon next weekend. Never thought i'd be at this stage when i was injured.

  • Well done!!!!..a great feeling to be able to get back out. :-) I had a run last Saturday..had my route all planned out distance calculated and ended up at the halfway point with sudden pain in my achilles /calf...Had to hobble back 2.5 k lol! have just done some walking this week and hope to get back out on Saturday..I do hope you stay pain free with that knee..all the best!

  • Oh that doesn't sound fun. Feel better soon!!!!

  • Hope you go from strength to strength now that you're back. Excellent news - really pleased for you.

  • Aww thanks! I wish you all the best too.

  • Good news! I know how tentative those post- injury runs can be! Sounds good for you now though?πŸ˜€

  • I think so! Woo hoo!

  • Glad to see you back! I'll take your word for t for the route - geesh, it's dark on your photo. And my neck hurts from twisting my head sideways. :)

  • Yeah. I still can't always get the site to orient phone photos correctly. Thank you!

  • Excellent -good to hear you're back out there :)

  • Aww! Thanks!

  • Welcome Back ! Great to read you're back out there again :-)

    Here's to keeping injury free ! :-) xxx

  • Two thumbs up for injury free! Thank you!

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