Brief outing

I went out for a run last night...

That’s not a really startling start to a post on here, but it’s a huge achievement since I haven’t been out for 2 weeks- boo!

Just getting out the door was a total faff- setting up Mapmyrun and the stepping stones podcast and then posting my glasses back through the letterbox- and I had to go back and put glasses on again to reset the podcast since it seemed to jump forward. this happened twice more and in the end I just went with it and started running the third time it jumped forward. I guess being irritated because after two weeks everything was stacking up to try and stop me go out this time as well- dogs, work, technology, eyesight, worrying about body failing me (IBS/losing my running ability)... bah!

In fact, I probably only managed to run for 14 mins before having to stop and walk as fast as possible to get home… how very satisfying though to have got myself out again and to find that the middle split gave me 7:13/km which whilst hardly fast is not far off where I was before IBS took over. So despite IBS curtailing the run I managed to get out and do that little bit, and guess what- I enjoyed it :)

I have decided that if I can at all, I will get back to three times a week and only aim for 15 mins running for the first week, which is more than I managed yesterday - and when I do manage that without incident, I can aim to move on to 20, and so on and so on.

I do NOT want to lose the improvements to fitness and body which were just about beginning to show by the end of C25K. I'm so grateful that the time I was able to run was actually enjoyable rather than what it normally is- gaspingly dreadful!- it made me want it back so very much. Onward, onward...


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9 Replies

  • Good for you. That sounds fab. And really well done for making the effort to get out.

  • Sounds good despite all the faff getting out it's definitely worth it

  • You are so right to have the determination to keep running. You can't let those gains go to waste (or even waist!).

    There was an interesting article in October issue of Runner's World, all about the effects of our gut on our running. I don't know much about IBS, but this article suggests probiotics to help develop healthy gut flora for everyone. While you can buy them at the supermarket, one of the best , with the largest number of species, is kefir, which is fermented whole milk. Once you get hold of the culture (we got ours from our local whole food shop) it is really simple to produce, much simpler than yoghurt, and is great on muesli or porridge.

    I hope you can increase your run length soon. Good luck.

  • That's the way!

    In many ways it's getting out and running that are important - not the detail of exactly how far or how long. That's why there is never a "failed" run. It's still a run, and whatever run you can achieve is so much better than staying on the couch.

    You are absolutely right about keeping up the fitness too - if you run for 15 mins, or even 10 mins, 3 times a week you will keep the fitness you have gained with c25k so much more easily than if you let it all go. Then, when you are ready to increase the time again, you will be starting from a much higher point and will improve again much faster.

    Well done for getting out again - here's hoping you can run comfortably again soon.


  • I'm still grinning at the idea of posting your glasses through the letter box. Your neighbours must wonder what you're up to :)

    Well done for getting out there - you are right to be proud of yourself. For your IBS problems, have you looked into the possibility of it being due to a food intolerance and tried giving up gluten and cows milk to see if it changes anything? Hyper-sensitivity to either or both of these appears to be a 'trigger' for the condition for many people.

  • Rainshine, well done! Even with the faffing & IBS your still able to run, keep it there!😉

  • hope your next run goes a little smoother, though good for you, you got out there.


  • Good news Rainshine, hope you continue to get out there!👍😀

  • Well done for getting out there. That sounds like a sensible plan of running less to start with, then you're not overwhelmed. Good for you :-)

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