Running and quizzing

After the monumental success of my "boring" podcast run last Sunday I went out this morning with relish. Which podcast to choose today I thought? Gardeners Question Time or an American Quiz? I like gardening but I'm no expert. I'm more of a GCSE standard gardener really, so I thought I'd save the GArdeners Question Time for another day. I opted for the American quiz podcast instead.

Off I set with the sun shining brightly in my eyeballs, so I was glad I wore dark glasses. My ears exploded to the twang of 4 enthusiastic American presenters who kept saying "awesome" to virtually any scenario. The quiz was pretty dull if I'm honest, but I did learn that an anagram of the country SURINAM is "ANURISM" which if you forgive the lack of the letter "Y", kind of rocks!!

Back to the run though - my legs felt good, breathing was fine and the constant yabber yabber in my ear holes did the trick and kept me going. I was convinced this was the longest run yet for me........alas I was wrong! Perhaps the quiz made it seem longer, but I came home in a not too shabby 33 mins covering 5.6K. I was sweating like a thing that sweats loads, but managed to NOT be out of breath. Which is amazing??!!

Sophie the cat ignored my story about my run and snoozed happily in the sunshine on the kitchen mat, whilst I stretched my legs for 10 mins.

I never did get to the end of the quiz. That's ok though because it served it's purpose. And besides, there's always Gardeners Question Time next......

Tally ho!



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  • Oh Dan you never let us down. I don't mean you any harm but I wished you ran and blogged every day, your blogs are a tonic for me. Thank you, and happy alternate day running ;)

  • Oldgirl, if I ran every day I would seize up! Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of......"Dan Does Running!"

  • I don't know if I dare admit it but I've timed my going out to 7pm so I can run to The Archers on Radio 4... :-)

    Pretending to be listening to some energetic running tracks when I'm really finding out what Helen Archer is up to with that married bloke from the new dairy! :-)

  • that's genius!!

  • While reading Dan's post I was thinking the Archers could be the way forward too!

  • Erm... I have the weekly podcast on my phone...

  • Dan, your blogs are AWESOME!!!

  • you are too kind! Thank you.

  • Great writing Dan. Love your SoH :-)

  • Grazie bella!

  • Flettery will get you everywhere Dan ;-)

  • Of course I maenat FLATTERY :-D

  • Aaaargh!

  • I prefer flettery. It has a certain......frisson....

  • Oh you are awful ... but I like you :-D

  • Oh, more posts and responses like these, please! :)

  • Haha love this!!

    Well done on the run, that's a pretty impressive time too!

  • Thanks Jefna. Sadly, I've done better for 5K...... but one of theses days, I'll smash my 27'28sec graduation run which was fuelled by 99% adrenaline and excitement!

  • Haha yes I can relate to this! I had to keep reminding myself to slow down during mine, I was just that excited to finish!

    I have every faith in you smashing your PB very soon! Good luck!

  • I don't know how you can to people talking... I need the thrust of a beat to keep my legs moving.. Great blog.... Interesting tags... Keep running Dan well done!!

  • I need a thrust too, but luckily my legs are on auto pilot when running. I know what you mean though. There's something about a pulsating pumping rhythm that makes your body go "yessss!"

  • you should try it, the pulsating rhythm helps.......particularly when running!!! I'm so on it tomorrow on the run Matthew W suggested for my Cornish runs in Truro.....

  • In the whole wide world of name dropping this has to be (probably) the most trivial BUT coincidently this weeks Gardners' Question Time came from Penicuik and the feature item was a visit to the Archivists' Garden at Register House .... which is where I work and my office looks out over the gardens :-)

    Anyone got a smaller peice of puff than that? :-)

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