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1st volunteering session today

I made a promise when I started park runs that after 10 or 12 runs I would volunteer. Well last week was my 11th park run so today I did my first volunteer session, I believe that as these events are free for us to participate in it is only right we give back and allow some of the other volunteers the chance to run. I was a marshall out on the course where there is a slight incline which seems to get steeper with every lap so I hope my clapping and words of encouragement helped spur the runners on. Again for those who have never been to a park run, I can only add how friendly and welcoming these events are, they made me feel very welcome on my first marshalling activity. I even had the honour of having one of the keys to unlock the gates to the park should we need an ambulance, thankfully the key stayed in my pocket and was not needed. Back to running next week but will definitely volunteer again once I reach 22/24 park runs.

Happy running everyone.

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Sounds like a fantastic first volunteering, I'm sure they are really grateful for all your efforts I know I am, I volunteer but I still run as I help out in the morning before the run takes place by helping set the course up, I will have to be a marshal one day at parkrun but starting to be a marshal at the great run local on a sunday,

I hope you had a great time volunteering and I hope you gain a PB next week for all your hard work today at parkrun :)

Take care,

Siobhan x


Thanks for volunteering and making Parkrun possible :)

Sometimes I think the constant clapping and cheering is more tiring than actually running it! I use my Garmin as a stop watch and the clapping motion sometimes registers up to 0.3km from the clapping motion!


Well done, yes u r right,Mir we benefit from parkrun,me also need to give back something. I have run 2 times and volunteered 2 times so far! Definitely running on Saturday though, great people and challenging course. Julie 😉


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