W5R1 done! And I came home smiling!

Gorgeous morning. Not a cloud in the sky and only a whisper of a breeze. Perfect! Battle with the bed was easily won and I set off after a handful of grapes and a bottle of water. I managed all the runs comfortably (well - apart from all the midges under the trees getting in my face!) Even managed the 1 mile pull back up the hill to home at a respectable pace - walking tall and grinning from ear to ear! I will admit to feeling a wee bit chuffed today. Who would have thought it possible 4 weeks ago? I feel I am making progress and will even admit to enjoying it today. Progress indeed!

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  • Well done Beek.

    There's nothing wrong with feeling chuffed with yourself. In fact there's no shame in feeling downright smug at times! Every run completed is a fantastic achievement as far as I'm concerned :-)

  • It was a big relief I can tell you! Run 2 on Wednesday - I hope it stays cool. Thanks for the support!

  • Good for you! Isn't it amazing the things we can accomplish with this program? So glad you had a great run today, you should feel very proud. Good luck with the rest of week 5, I just completed W5R2 and am looking forward to the big one on Tuesday.


  • i can truthfully say I am looking forward to going out next time. This is a first so something must be changing for me! Thank you for the support. This blog site is wonderful and I doubt if I could do it without all the king and helpful bloggers!

  • For king read KIND!

  • Not so chuffed now. Been asleep for 2 hours before lunch. What's all that about? Can I spare all that time? Not really!

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