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Knocking on Week 8's door!

Last run of week 7 is completed! Fantastic run today - picked the pace up a bit again after Tuesday's slower run, and I really enjoyed it. My DD decided to ring me about two mins into my run, "Oh are you running Mum....." and still carried on with her rant! I am impressed that I did manage to carry on a conversation with her! Then with about 6 mins of my run left I saw a friend driving down the road who decided to stop and see if I was OK (do I look that awful when I am running!!).

Week 8 will begin on Sunday, but I think I will take the pace down a little again - got to find the energy for those 3 extra minutes! I was trying to think how I can change my route, but I think I will just a go a bit slower and then walk in circles for my cool down walk !

Oh and as Laura had told me I am a runner, I actually went and bought a running vest today! I have been getting a bit warm in the other's half's running t-shirts and they are too big anyway. Let those bingo wings flap in the wind!!! It felt great :0)

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Well done on getting so far in the plan. It isn't long now until you graduate so I definitely think a new running vest was in order.

I ran a race and my Mum came to cheer me over the finish line and afterwards she commented that I, and a lot of other runners, looked quite purple and flushed!!! That little throwaway comment didn't fill me full of joy either ha ha ha, but I consoled myself with the fact that I am running and I have a right to be red faced so it isn't something I will think about too much. You shouldn't either.

Have you thought about what you are going to do after you graduate? It can be a bit of an anticlimax and one can lose focus and direction when there is nothing to work for any more. Have you thought about doing the Parkruns (I should really take my own advice here, but there aren't any near me), or signing up for a 10k? Perhaps joining a running club?

Enjoy xxx


My friend is a runner - but she knows that I am very new to this so perhaps this was just genuine interest :0).

I have signed up to Parkrun - I have two of them not too far away. One is on the level (along the river Exe) and the other is apparently more hilly so I have both to aim for. I think my plan at the moment is to keep running 3 times a week for a couple of weeks and build up to running the 5k - I think I am doing around 4k at the mo. When I have achieved that then I will go to the parkrun.

I know there used to be a ladies' running club nearby and I need to follow up about that. I think I will try the follow up podcasts and then maybe, just maybe think about progressing to 10K! I am hoping that I have now acquired the habit of going out to run for three times a week and that it will stick with me. Thank you for the suggestions x


Oooh great Well done! Only 3 more minutes-it's not long! I did the same run this morning. I felt stiff to begin with but then got right into it until about 17 or 18 minutes and then I was thinking about giving birth all those years ago and that if I managed that then I can run for 8 more minutes!! Ridiculous!!

Do you think that you might work on doing 10k or Parkrun as kickibro has suggested!


I hadn't thought about comparing it to being in labour but that is a good idea! That's something you can't give up on either isn't it!! That first Km is always tough and I do have tell myself to keep going. Definitely going to go to a parkrun soon, but will have to see about 10k - that sounds such a long way at the moment.


Very well done RK. Not long to go now to graduation :) Your running top was definitely deserved and I'm loving the mental image of flappy bingo wings. Happy running :)


I know - I can see that graduation badge glinting in the distance now ;0), thank you.


Ha ha - mine jiggle all over the place when I run! I never really noticed them moving before I started this lark. I hope all the jiggling will make them jiggle away!


I am hoping the same - apparently DH thinks my boobs have jiggled away a bit ;0) (just want the rest to shrink too!).



Well done for completing week 7 :)

Definitely a proper runner now: 1. Laura said so, and 2. You have a vest!

Come on in, the week-8-water's lovely... :)


I am on me way ;0) (speeding along in my RUNNER's VEST!!)


Good lass RK ! Good to hear you enjoyed your run today, that's half of the battle isn't it ?

You ARE a runner, believe it , plus you've got a new vest to prove it :-)

Youre doing great, onwards to Week 8 ! xxx


I did sit on the sofa for a bit today trying to persuade myself to go, but I was so glad I got out there today - onwards and upwards :0) xx


Congrats I'm right beind you week 8 on Monday s b x


Thank you :0)


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