What does running say about you to Muggles?

I nipped into Tesco after a run, en route to school, still a bit sweaty and obviously still in my running kit. Was just perusing okra when a security guard sidles up to me.

"Here, have these," he says. "Freebie", and furtively palms me two boxes of 'Sensilube Intimate Moisturising Gel'...

Er. Thanks. I think.

Perhaps I looked like I was chafing?


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  • Sounds like a come on to me Rigs. Did you meet him behind the bins afterwards?

  • I agree. The timing seems unfortunate... why did he do that when you were looking at the okra?

  • Sniggers. I'm tempted to google this to see what it is, but don't know what else it will come up with! And 2 boxes too - you must definitely have looked like you were a little chafed!

  • Don't read too much into it - I think that perhaps he just fancied you?? :)

  • I would happily take any freebie...however, if someone slides up to me and gives it to me, I would be a bit suspicious :-)

  • I was on the receiving end of a rather old-fashioned look from my wife when I was unpacking the shopping too. She asked what the hell I had in mind.

  • Hummmmm don't quite know what to make of that ;)

  • hahahaha brilliant!

  • πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… do let us know if it turns out to be useful!!!!

  • Ha, are you going back tomorrow?

  • Erm.... haha

  • Maybe it was your red sunglasses, watch your ass rig!πŸ˜‚

  • Gosh. Get your coat, you've definitely pulled...

  • Jiggity I was gonna say to you that it's a vegetable! Ha ha I'll get me coat

    Maybe he's a fellow runner and was just being helpful and discreet.

  • Ha ha Rig ! How bizarre ! Tee Hee, snort :-)

    Another fully paid up member of the Rig Fan Club , no doubt ! :-) xxx

  • Well Rig, which kit was it? The Spartan outfit?

  • Tee Hee ! Had you split your shorts again Rig ? :-) xxx

  • Bit of a different subject Rig, but I just want to ask you about the Bulletproof Coffee you have .

    Doesn't adding the coconut oil make it rather , well oily for want of a better word ?

    I was reading an article about Bulletproof Coffee the other day , cant remember where and it said it was one of the best things you can have for breakfast , do you agree ? xxx

  • no, not oily if you whizz it properly. 30 seconds in the smoothie blender and it becomes an emulsion. It has the consistency, and taste of a frothy latte. If you leave it for any period fo time it will start to separate again, of course, but you can just rewhizz it, although tbh it does not taste so good cold, but then again nor does cofffee with normal milk. Coffee with normal milk is pretty ghasty;y at any temperature in my book, but there we are.

    It is a very good power breakfast - I found it set me up for an active morning very well, lots of energy and no hunger pangs etc, and no desire for more coffee through the morning.

    Only word of caution would be to ease into the quantity gently. I had a pint of espresso with 3 properly heaped tbsp of coconut oil the first day I tried it, and it certainly cleansed me out. Rapidly. Repeatedly.

  • Sounds good , well apart from the last bit !

    Thanks for the warning Rig :-) xxx

  • lol, love these little tidbits of strange real life. Hope you smiled sweetly back at him ;)

  • I think you scored ;)

  • Maybe he is a fellow runner himself and recognised the signs of a long run by looking at you and he uses that gel himself, just a thought as I've had random people come up to me after parkrun if I've nipped in to my local town and people have asked how my run was, were I run and some have suggested things I could use, eat and drink before and after the run :)

  • I have done some further research into this product. Bodyglide it is not. It is indeed designed for internal use.

  • Ho Ho !

    Its your lucky day Rig ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Ah ... Don't let us know if it turns out to be useful then. I think that would be too much information 😲

  • So, how's it going then Rig? A useful product? We're all waiting for your report...

  • A freebie - take it! I love a freebie πŸ˜„

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