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so close... but still need help and advice

on a rest day after completing w9r1 yesterday morning. It was cold! But I'm glad I wasn't out this morning as it was raining!

I was wearing a long sleeved running top (great for hiding my hands inside until i got warm) and some 'bottoms' that just covered my knees. So hear comes the request for advice...

What kind of 'long bottoms' would people suggest? The only ones I have are gap tracksuit bottoms that are quite thick and fluffy inside! I think they may be too warm by the end of 30 minutes? I have looked on various websites but the choice is mindbogglingly! I am a new runner so my kit builds up with each purchase!

Thank you

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Well done Laura for getting so far. Very close to graduation now!

I've never actually ran outsise in the winter before, as I completee c25k over the summer, but I've found this short article on the nhs site regarding winter running, which looks quite interesting

I've got some long running leggings and a long leeved top for when the colder weather arrives and have heard that layering can be quite effective.

Good luck with your last 2 runs :-)


Thank you for replying and for the article. Very helpful.

Thank you for the encouragement too. W9r2 in the morning! 😀


Hi lauralou try layers and long running leggings to the ankles as its getting colder, not the fluffy types, I find them too hot. Last night I ran with long leggings, long sleeves and a luminous pink t shirt over (was getting dusky) for visibility. As a new runner- I love buying new stuff - try Enjoy !


Well done on getting to week 9.

I have some gym trousers which are sort of shiny and have never been cold running outside.

Re the hands, someone on here recommended a pair of inexpensive running gloves and boy, what a difference they made. I would say having my hands wrapped up but able to breathe improved my enjoyment 50% and the ones I have are still thin enough you can fiddle with your podcasts/music with them on, so personally I'd highly recommend them.


I run in compression tights - these but if you do order, just a word of advice. If you want a full length tight then get the tall option. I am only 5'2" and ordered tall and they fit ok. I don't like tights that are an inch or two above my ankle - I like my whole leg covered.


I would recommend the running gear in Aldi. They start selling their next lot tomorrow I think. Good prices for long running bottoms & tops for winter. Also Decathlon - you can order on line.


That will be too hot and get heavy when you sweat. I love my skins... They are soooo comfy, warm when cold and cool when hot. Google it and you will find them.... they are the best!!!


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