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Post grad runs

Good evening. Third post grad run today....4K in just under 29mins...faster pace than my 5K on Thursday, so pleased with that. Struggled but as always had my running buddy by my side. I have this theory as I get nervous when I'm going on a run, I tell myself I'm going to do 3K, then I say right push on for another half K, then I do the same again. I'm bonkers but it gets me there without the pressure or disappointment👌👌

Anyone else have any little idiosyncrasies 😂😂

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Me , the hardest part of running is battling against yourself . When im really motivated its easy , when im not its hell and i hsve an argument in my head with myself as to should i quit or keep going !

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When youve got an argument going on in your head Rich, keep out of it and keep on running ! :-) xxx

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ooh I have lots!! for me the whole thing is more of a mind game. I run on a treadmill and 'play' with the numbers all the way thru, so say for last 90s of each 5 mins I'll go a little faster, as I approach each km I'll speed up a little. I tell myself I'll just do 4km, then once there I decide I might as well carry on til the 30 mins!? As you say I give myself the excuse to stop at certain points, but then carry on :)

glad its not just me :)


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