MY first Half Marathon!

MY first Half Marathon!

I'm lazy (or is that tired?) so rather than mess around doing a montage, I'll post a picture of the gorgeous bling later.

This was a fantastic day. Made better for meeting Phil (Usain Balti) and several runners from the C25K groups on Facebook. The event was organised superbly - you get a text with your chip time immediately after finishing, and a second text with a link to a photo of you crossing the finish line shortly thereafter.

Arrived at about 8:30, and met up with the others (including Vicky Burr - what a character!), did the bag drop thing, and queued for the loos, then made our way to the starting pens. I took up position close behind the 2:15 pacemakers, and we waited for the start. And waited. Apparently there was a train full of runners delayed from Didcot, so the start was delayed by 15 minutes. A bit of a bummer when you're crammed in a crowd slowly cooling down.

Eventually we started - the faster runners first, of course, and we walked towards the start line. As we got closer, things thinned out a little and we could jog, then cross the line, press the Garmin, and start running. After several minutes, I found myself passing the pacemakers as they were going too slow for the pace I felt was right for me. Shortly afterwards, I consulted my Garmin and was shocked to see the pace I was running - 5:40 or less. I knew I couldn't sustain that, and expected to have to back off. I felt good, though, and decided to play it by ear. Lots of people lining the course, clapping and cheering. I still felt good as the miles passed, and was only feeling it a little as we reached half way. Then I kept myself going, countine the distance left down. At about 9 miles or so, as we turned a corner, the woman running directly in front of me suddenly stopped completely to a standstill. I stamped my right foot down to prevent myself clattering into her, and my foot slipped forwards in my show, jamming my big toe against the end. Oww. I just took my shoe and sock off, and there's quite a bruise.

Anyway, carried on through the University Parks, out the other side and round city centre streets, past the Radcliffe Camera, and round towards the finish. Are we turned the last corner, I still fellt strong, so I upped my pace, and sprinted to the finish.

My time - 2:12:25. I. Am. Chuffed to bits!

My run -

Bling photo to follow.


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50 Replies

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  • Amazing stuff. It's been so fun to watch your progress. I'm inspired. Great time and with a sprint finish as well. All your hard work paid off huge dividends.

    Hope the bruise heals up fast - it's always a shocker when folks put on the brakes.

    Time to put your feet up and celebrate. Hooray!!!

  • Thanks. A few drinkies tonight, I think!

  • Fantastic time for your first HM! Seriously well done...hope the toe is ok now! (Not that I suspect you care at the moment, you are probably on cloud nine!!πŸ˜‰)

  • Thanks, Sandra, I am still buzzing!

  • Well done Steve, been wondering how you got on. Fantastic effort!

  • Thanks, Ian. I feel so good that the training and prep worked so well.

  • Fantastic Steve, what a truly great pace, you must be delighted. Shame about your TRI (toe-related incident) I wonder if that lady had hamstring problems to make her stop so abruptly. Hope the bruise goes down quickly and you manage to keep your toe nail.

    Many congratulations, you did brilliantly :)

  • Thanks, AM - off for a shower now!

  • Brilliant !!! Congratulations to you ! I have been on flippin' pins all day wondering how you had all got on !

    What a fantastic achievement ! Half Marathon - tick ! I am SO pleased for you .All your hard work in training and preparation paid off big time !

    We are so proud of you . Looking forward to seeing the bling !

    Enjoy a few drinks tonight .

    Yeah Baby !! :-) xxxx

  • :) thanks, Poppy - I really am unspeakably chuffed! Bling going on display shortly!

  • Gosh - you still look very fresh in that picture if that's the finish line. Congratulations.

  • That was the finish line, and it felt good to sprint that last section. They sent me a text with a link to that photo shortly after I finished - a great touch.

  • You are right to be chuffed to bits! Excellent time and sounds like you loved it! CONGRATULATIONS!! πŸ˜†

  • Thanks. I had the jitters the day before, but I think it was just impatience, wanting it to happen. I was fine on the day, and it was simply brilliant.

  • Nice One Steve!! I am constantly amazed by people who seem to lack either spatial awareness or consideration for others in crowded places.....this summer, at a motorway I had better not start.......

    Great time, you are right to be proud.

  • Thank you, IT!

  • Wow what a great time. Well done!

    Great race report too ☺

  • Thanks, the more I think about it, the more special a day it was!

  • That was a great run there. I bet you are pleased with the time. You certainly ought to be. I'm sure that, in time, the toe related injury will be forgotten. Got run!

  • Thanks, Adam. I was being cautious about my expectations, but I'm delighted with what I did today.

  • Delighted for you mate, that's a terrific run and a great time.

    You did slow down a bit over the last 6k (seems familiar) was that related to your toe, or was it just running out of gas a bit?

    Looking forward to seeing the bling in due course!

  • Running out of gas just a little, or perhaps getting concerned about the distance to go. I was surprised at how much I still had in the tank at the end, though, and it felt great to pour it on for the last few hundred metres.

  • Good for you! I had nothing left to pour on.

  • Glad it went so well apart from the toe incident. Excellent time - now you can have a little rest and celebrate!

  • I need a new target. I don't think I'll rest too long!

  • Well done Steve!

  • Thanks, Dave!

  • Big well done to. Great achievement xx

  • Thank you!

  • Just want to add my congratulations as well Steve. Really great achievement!

  • Thank you, Mim, very nice of you.

  • Well done Steve, fantastic time! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Thanks :)

  • That's a really good time Steve! Glad it went well, that you had great weather for it, and that you weren't on that delayed train at least - that must have been stressful! Hope you're taking it easy now, enjoy that great feeling of achievement 😊

  • Thanks, Ruth. Tired legs today (Monday), and a sore toe. It was useful that my first Half was in my home town, and that I could walk there and back! I do feel a great sense of achievement, but I'm also starting to feel like I did after graduating C25K; I need a new objective!

  • Yes, I can imagine you're itching to get on with another challenge. Maybe simply planning for another half marathon will be a good objective, or maybe the full 26.2miles if you're feeling brave! I've no doubt you can do it with the right training.

  • I'm not remotely ready to seriously aim to tackle a full marathon, and may well never be. I will be looking for another half, perhaps early next year.

  • Absolutely brilliant Steve! Great race report and a fab time too. No wonder you're chuffed to bits! I hope you celebrated in fashion last night and aren't too sore this morning, apart from the head! Seriously well done to you.

  • Thanks. I did celebrate, but I was also tired, so it wan't a very late night! Tired today, too.

  • What an amazing run Steve! Well done you! Hope the toe heals quickly too x

  • Thanks, Hil. Still feels great!

  • Very well done Steve. Sounds like you had a great race, and what a time too. Well done! Love the photo too!

    It is frustrating when people come to a halt like that without warning. Happened to me at the York 10K last year; bloke in front came to a dead halt as soon as he crossed the finish line. Nearly went clean into the back of him!

    Well done again mate. Already planning the next one?!

  • I am indeed. I feel a little lost now I've done what I trained for for 16 weeks!

  • I find it helpful to always have races on the horizon; there's always something to aim for then and you don't get too dejected when one race finishes. 😊

  • I've got two 10ks lined up - Olympic Park in December, and London Winter Run at the end of January. Nice events, but they're just 10k...........

  • cap well and truly doffed in your general direction Steve! What's next? Another HM early next year?

  • Thanks, Nick. Yes, I loved running this, even though it got hard work at times, and I want more!

  • Excellent. I have been looking up Winter / Spring HMs myself. I am unsure whether a marathon in April is a good idea just yet so going to get a few HMs in first I think.

  • Finally found your report! What a great run, you look really determined x

  • Many congratulations!! It sounds like you had an wonderful day and a fab photo!!! I was wondering how you got on but this is the first time i have had an opportunity to catch up on here. Lovely bit of bling too!! I hope your toe is fully healed now too!!

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