fast half m

fast half m

had a brilliant time yesterday 4500 runners the crowd were amazing the weather was spot on bright blue sky the toilet line was the worst bit once in my pen i was in race mode overtook so many people and got the first lap done and then just focused on getting the miles down once at 10 i knew i had it in the bag even had a sprint finish my time was 1hr 43 and came 726 of 4500 i think i need more of this thanks c25k

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  • Wow that's fantastic, and a sprint finish!!? I cant even sprint at 5K. I love the picture too, you just look so chilled, well done x

  • thank you

  • That's fantastic. Great time and well done on your first half marathon. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it as well. I guess there will be no stopping you now. Well done.

  • thanks

  • Crikey Moger you look as if you are skipping along. What a good time too. We have our very own C25K Mo folks :)

  • you really are amazing...and that pic says it all...well done!!!

  • Impressive time Moger. Well done!

  • thanks

  • What a great achievement !well done you!!!! Love the photo!

  • thanks happy half way mark

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